Why Meghan Markle’s Family Isn’t Invited To The Royal Wedding

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The royal family has had its share of scandals, especially those involving Meghan Markle’s prince charming. Harry has made headlines for everything from smoking weed to dressing as a Nazi, but he’s put his controversial past behind him to settle down with his TV star fiancée. The press has painted their union as the match of the ages, with Harry sweetly describing the royals as the “family” Meghan “never had.” But Meghan does have a family, she just isn’t inviting most of it to the royal wedding…

Half-brother, full shade | 0:44
Half-sister, full shade | 1:48
Growing strains | 3:08
Showing restraint | 3:47
No invite? No problem | 4:44

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  1. This reminds me of me and my siblings. They make up things and live in an alternative reality. They have selective memory and label me as the bad guy. Im bad just because i choose to go about my life positively and stay aware from negative situations. Just pure jealousy. If i become famous boy the head lines would be crazy

  2. Poor girl. I feel so sorry for her, with that family. All she wants is to marry the man she loves and be happy. What's so bad about that? I'm pleased she's gone forward and married Harry. Her family should just sod off if they can't be pleasant. Prince Harry obviously loves her greatly, or the Palace would have seen her off pretty quick. Aside from that, can we please get this clear? MEGHAN IS NOT A PRINCESS.SHE WILL NEVER BE A PRINCESS. She a duchess, a long way down the ladder from princess. Not even Prince William's wife is a princess, she's a Duchess too, and that won't change until Princes William becomes king, which won't be for a very, very long time. Even then she may not become a princess. Christ on a stick, why can't Americans get this through their heads? Fucksake, it's not hard.

  3. She works hard be what she was before meeting the prince. SHe is beautiful and smart. It's only natural she'll be notice by the prince. Cheers!

  4. It seems that the other half of the family expect too much of Meghan when they themselves have not done nothing for themselves! I will not give them a cent! Let them work for themselves!

  5. Look, why are people just analyzing their wedding. They just married the loves of their lives and people are just gossiping and spreading “scandalously” rumors. Honestly, LET THEM BE.

  6. Her half sister is actually crazy. She changed her name and then dyed her hair black too which I'm assuming is to bear resemblance to Meghan.

  7. I answer , it's simple , bcs they are just group of homeless, they r not in level of royal family , they just live by ebt stub food in usa , so why she will add more shame on her and bring those hiding stuff

  8. There is just something about Meghan Markle that doesn't sit well with me, She is marrying one of the most famous men in history, a prince of England and surrounded by Hollywood celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and actual Royalty- the Queen of England , yet she has ONLY her mother attending as her family member, for one person to be that removed from their own family speaks volumes, they are slating her at every moment, seems very strange, especially when we are shown a soft spoken demure quite shy humanitarian, plus the whole feminist thing as well, give me a break, the air stinks with Narcissism that surrounds her , This whole wedding reaked of inequality and the fake humble was out of this world, from the way the REAL humanitarians were treated on the day, sort of like 16th century peasants with no refreshments or chairs, all they were missing were the stocks, so the smug celebrities could throw rotten fruit cake at them, the rich celebs were given V.I.P treatments and were invited to two lavish receptions, (WHY), Does POSH spice really deserve your wasted invite, with that miserable gormless face that she so loves to display, yea as long as the rich are making more money for the rich, and the poor are making more money for the poor we can be rest assured who gets the biggest slice of the cake. Meghan doesn't warm my heart at all, you can't be a Royal and live a life of luxury and parade around like you love poor people because it makes you look good, Let's remember the Royal family are having a tough time with their outdated views and reputation, so they do what they always do, they rigidly boost their own self preservation with MORE V.I.P charitable bashes and engagements, funny how we always have to be brainwashed that we are owned by the rich and only they can hold the power of your destiny by giving a few spare change in their back pockets. so while Africa is still starving, while another weekly war erupts on countries with brown people or some middle eastern children are sold as sex slaves, we can be rest assured we will be saved by Meghan and Harry. let's get out of the fantasy Disney world, and stop this debilitating Stockholm syndrome effect, that most of Humanity is experiencing for these pointless parades of ignorance.

  9. Y'all calm down, she's a cool lil redneck wild one like me (different genders but still redneck) ! Only problem is I'm thinking she might not be able to handle all the rules & regulations she's gotta deal with, being in the royal fart factory…..and we all know how it goes after the initial few months of sex!

  10. I am glad she didn’t invite her family because they are crazy and they would have ruin the wedding and give the royal family a bad name.

  11. They weren't invited because they are all lower class, highly embarrassing trash. When her father chose to give his official review of the wedding, he did so via TMZ chasing his 15 mins of fame. And the brother was right. Meghan is just a cheap nobody playing a role which she'll get sick of soon enough with all its restrictions. Her family will continue to bring scandal to the Firm and frankly, she's just not GOOD enough to be royal. Kate had style and breeding. Meghan has nothing except her acting resume. She's a really poor choice and one which they will all regret.

  12. If there is anyone that truly knows you and knows dirt about you is family. I’m sure that Megans family where not making everything up , maybe she is the way they say she is. Time will tell I guess

  13. So happy that she got to move away from her other members of the family that were so horrible. She’s literally like a Cinderella!

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