WHY Liza Koshy & David Dobrik Are Over – Selena Gomez’ New Video INSPIRED by Justin Bieber?! (DHR)

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Liza & David call it quits, and Selena’s new video has hidden Justin messages/ All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. I honestly thought that the break up between david and liza was clickbait so I didn't watch it but literally most of his videos are clickbait and I still watch them most of the time, but I guess I was in denial because literally I ship those too much that sometimes I go on wattpad and just read one shots of them ( not smuts but one shots ) and to see to naturally happy people so sad it really hurts me really bad and it makes me half to poop ( I have to use the bathroom when I'm nervous ) but yeah, I dont know if I should cry my self to sleep or eat first, finish talking to my friend, cry eat, then use the bathroom, then cry my self to sleep… the second one sounds like my every day life so I'm gonna go with that one

  2. Shawn is my life i have nothing to say because i cried 4 times and fyi I requested that james would make a carpool karaoke with shawn and once it was uploaded I cried so bad i was dizzy and that he loves Harry Potter too I am still shook that the carpool karaoke was soooo amazing #Mendesarmy where you at??

  3. They broke up cuz of time and Liza wasn't ready! ,they started to drift apart considering Liza's acting and David and Liza being busy and Liza even said that she wasn't ready and started to drift apart cuz of busy schedules!

  4. It's So Sad =C In Their Video, They Just Seem So sad… =C I Wish Liza and David Were Still Together =C

  5. I’m sorry but my fav couple is bughead aka sprousehart they are so cute together and I never shipped so hard, plus Cole is fucking hot but Liza and David we’ll forever be my 2cd fav

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