Watch Kate Middleton Side Eye Camilla Parker-Bowles At The Royal Wedding | PeopleTV

Watch Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, give mother-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall the side eye during Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding.
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Watch Kate Middleton Side Eye Camilla Parker-Bowles At The Royal Wedding | PeopleTV

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  1. It was good to see Camilla squirm when Kate gave her that look. I really dislike Camilla for what happened to Diana. Seeing Camilla looking uncomfortable made me smile too. Good for you Kate!!!!

  2. Catherine looks beautiful as always, love her new hat and the flowers in it match the wedding flowers. Wonderful Royal wedding, romantic and entertaining, Harry and Meghan, you both knocked it out of the park. Congratulations xxxx

  3. It appeared to me that Camilla could hardly contain her projectile vomit and consternation. lol Kate has a good sense of humour, dignity, decorum, and a sense of occasion.. more importantly respect and consideration for others, so was trying to play it down. Charles looked particularly poignant and emotional at that moment so wouldn't have appreciated Camilla's vitriolics, so she knew better than to try to involve him. That apart, the preacher's enthusiastic sermon reverberating about death, love through redemption was a little insensitive considering Harry. Thank God Diana was there to save us all!

  4. Kate “Middleton”? My god, Americans are every bit as stupid as their election of a bankrupt talkshow host would suggest.

  5. Well JC. My thoughts are of an older person, probably old enough to be your grandmother. Camilla has always been the love of his life. And more respect from Kate should of been seen from her, especially when at Harry and Meghan Wedding.

  6. Meghan has no idea what she has gotten herself into!! She is going to live in a cage and have to obey certain rules! You also married into a different culture, class, ethnicity Meghan! They are not going to change for you! Plus, you have no family to use a support system like the Middletons are to Kate!! This is actually rather sad!

  7. They're both mocking the preacher's Christian values. Kate Middleton has a look of restrained mockery for the preacher. She knew the cameras were rolling and had to alert Camilla with eye signals, to behave. Even the rest of the royals looked quite uncomfortable and nervous to the preacher's passionate sermon.

  8. camilla's hat looks like a shield with feathers. she probably stole that out of late princess margarets wardrobe. I suppose she's good at stealing. if not somebody else's husband then clothes and jewellery.

  9. im english and do not know one person here who likes camilla in any shape or form.shes a snake in the grass and we dont like her. horrible woman and its not because of princess diana.its because she is sneaky and plays for the camera

  10. people who do that look know what that look is. camille is making laughter and kate gives her that look like disrespectful b…

  11. I think you all see what you want to see, and make it up as you go along. Her name is Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge. Show some respect.

  12. Well I believe the American preacher was speaking at that time and Camilla has her head down so the camera couldn't read her lips and no doubt was saying something petty rude and racist (The old bat that she is )

  13. She and Charles are sort of responsible for the death of Diana. If he loved her and was faithful she wouldn't have been with her boyfriend. But married and still alive

  14. 0:06 Camilla trying her hardest to look like Diana. she looks like the old smoking woman from "something about Mary".

  15. not a side eye… but when i was not even a month post partum i more than side eyed anybody who keeps expecting me to get up jumping and be back to normal when i haven't gotten more than 2 hours sleep at a time after pushing a human being out of me… don't know where Kate got the strength to even get out of the house just to attend that wedding…

  16. Camilla was clearly amused during that preacher’s sermon and I think that was rather rude to laugh,’ I don’t think the Dutchess meant anything with a side eye, she just gave a look like okay calm down lol

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