Washed Up Celebs Host Anti-Trump ‘People’s State of the Union’ – America LAUGHS in their Faces

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Daniel Nussbaum for Breitbart reports, Celebrities and activists gathered in New York City Monday night for the star-studded “People’s State of the Union,” a public rally meant to serve as counter-programming to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.

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  1. An event we're sodomites, Muslims, feminist all hold hands and sing songs!! This even was sponsored by planned Parenthood, an organization that was founded by an actual NAZI (Margaret Sanger) eugenicist who wanted to murder all black and brown people. PP also target minority towns and murders babies for profit! How stupid are these people!!!???

  2. These idiots need to keep helping our president they keep trying to bash the president every chance they get its like the big kid that's keeps picking on the little kid day after day eventually people get sick of it and push back so keep up the good work snowflakes

  3. List of actors and music performers to boycott …they will all be has beens pretty soon as people are starting to really despise Hollywood. No more worshipping at the perverted Hollywood altar.

  4. I love my country. But I guess we have to make room to live with this hateful pile of Clinton ass lickers who love the demoRat corruption.

  5. Is it just me or are all these democrats reading from a script ? Don’t they know that attacking a legal sitting president is high treason ?? 25 yrs or the death penalty if petitioned…by 3,000 signatures or more. ..if they only new what Hillary and Obama had in store for them ushering in a NWO…well there wake up call will be at 4:30 AM Pacific time Tomorrow and I will tell you from experience being a musician most of my adult life will never hear or see any of these traders by sundown tomorrow …Oh well like we musicians say everybody is a dreamer until the dream is over…Peace

  6. This is hilarious and s***, I was mad and in a bad mood. Then I started watching this, now I got the popcorn out 🙂

  7. Vacuous traulups eating TidePods. Move you fkn commie marxist maggots. Or make realville Americans stand up and kick your snowflakes ass. Americans first..commie scum like this to the mental hospital. ..liberal diseased scum. No cure….

  8. If you Hannah put this out Gary I still wouldn’t known about these idiots! In other words I don’t know anything about Hollywood because they don’t mean enough for me to give them any attention!

  9. Celebrities and activist against America. You are an abomination in God's eyes. You practice the 7 deadly sins! !! Watch out for God's wrath..

  10. Thank's added a few more people to my list to never watch again
    I wish there was a more clear list of all of them there not just against the President but all conservatives in America and the only way to get rid of them is by taking there income away from them

  11. Michael Moore @ 3:07 – Saying that he wants to do away with the system and the culture that gave us Trump. Soooo – correct me if I'm wrong – but isn't he basically saying that he wants all who voted for President Trump (more than half the country) to be wiped out…? How very democratic of him.

  12. These idiots in Hollywood are complete rejects look at Michael Moore he doesn't even know how to lose a little weight but yet he's going to tell us how to run a country okay Michael please leave the country none of you like it anymore you think you are better than it please all of you leave the country get on the ship with Rosie and Oprah and the rest of your crew that hates America to hell with all you losers I don't watch anything don't go to movies I distrust you all you are UN American and that sucks… God Bless America…. God bless president Trump …. and with any luck you people will leave the. country I hope to God you do……

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