Was Jah Cure being Disrespectful To Producers Djs Sound Man & Promoters ?

The Grand World Premiere of W.A.R THE WORLD AGAINST RAWPA 21 July 2018
Movie is a RED carpet event with opportunity to take pictures with the cast and special guest!
FREE drinks ,food and GOODY BAGS available for VIP + After Party with Celebrity Guest DJ

Written by Jennifer

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  1. What he said at first I don't see anything wrong with that but the part about him disrespecting everyone is wrong. Life has away of messing up cause the same selectors he diss today he can need them help tomorrow

  2. Tell him go beat the man wah knock out him rass in the hotel room for him wife ..about go beat you gal jah cure

  3. Jah Cure did nothing wrong. All selectors, producers, and promoters who paid in full would have no problem with what Iyah Cure said. Many artist are now relieved that Iyah Cure spoke up for them. Despise The Free Lunch.

  4. Rawpa Crawpa mi agree wid wey di I a sey but yuh see Cure, if yuh know him beginnings you will know why him gwaan suh. Him have him right fi talk bout him ting and we dun know sey di music business is dirty! Mi been close to it suh me know! Jah cure is no angel either. Mekking threats pon people is how him know and him will guh thru wid it. A same way him an' him goons dem did threaten Andrea Williams pon Irie FM. Di sistren had to move overnight from har house. Him did married to a sistren wey mi know har family and her! All mi can sey is dat mi glad she figure out har life without the distraction known as Jah Cure. Jah Cure needs to be mentally evaluated even without this new incident. Him was in prison for a crime he maintains he did not commit. I have heard many stories around that shituation but I will not comment on it because it is hearsay. I do know a little of his background though and It was rough! Him need some kind of help, trust me!

  5. "cure agaaaaainnnnn" lol… di man dem all of a sudden sensitive eeh!! Who a give the artist hrs fi apologize?? dem apologize fi lowball him inna him inbox? Mi nuh really a feel di "suck yu…" statement but a suh di man dem talk all when dem a do show! Di whol a dem fi do better! Everybody need fi bill– all Tony Matterhorn- him cant seh nothing to a soul. But grown men should bill— on all sides! JahCure give out nuff free dubs and they all know it… ppl love too much negativity and social media making everybody some super hero! Somethings fi ignore especially since i'm sure they probably all know who he was referring to!

  6. Totally unnecessary, no business approach for an artist. Love his music, won't be any more of his cds. I buy original things no copy anything. Hype getting to some of these artists. 2 weeks ago my friend Hawaii was planning on putting him on his show there. No respect to these punks. So rude. Big up shaggy,turbulance,richie spice etc

  7. Big up crawpa on the truth. Egos is something else boy. Ego shall surely put some of us behind bars ,and if not kill your career

  8. We need him to apologize to thr sound man,producers,and the promoter dem him only apologize to him family,fan,friends.

  9. Jacure get to hype. Him forget seh s selector buss him wen him deh a prison. Fi a man that charge fi rape him hype yo fuck.

  10. And all the sound and fans kept supporting him while he was IN JAIL free Jah Cure free Jah Cure and when he free we still support him and always play his tracks in our selections..bad business he doing ungrateful fassy hole..and his name is disrepecrfull to real Rasta..look at him on that video he look high not on ganja..

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