Vegan Disgusted When Date Orders Fish | First Dates

This guy is not so happy that his date ordered fish!
Watch the episode on All 4:

Written by Jennifer

Foodie, Volunteer, Systems Thinker, Social Entrepreneur, Baconator. Born at a very young age.

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  1. Is there any cider that isn't vegan?? He just thinks he's the perfect human for being human. Surprised he didn't ask the cab driver if the taxi was vegan..

  2. Kill the animals because they have been bred to be eaten by us humans! And in the U.K. We have the best welfare standards in the world, all farm animals live a good life, and are looked after better than allot of humans! So yeah mr hairy eat meat you vegan nooob

  3. I'm vegan and I never comment what other people are eating, especially when they're eating. The subject usually comes up on itself, and meat-eaters always the ones to comment my food first, many times being really rude about it.
    So do know that the situation is typically the other way around, I haven't met one single vegan like the guy in this video.

  4. I'm a vegan myself but even he would irritate me on a date. I have a boyfriend and he's not vegan, I wish he was though hahaha

  5. He is such a vegan pretentious cunt it is actually unreal. I would love to eat a burger infront of him, and then punch him straight in the jaw.

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