Uma Thurman Responds To Red Carpet Pics: ‘I Look Weird’

The actress appeared on “Today” and talked about her red-carpet look from Monday night. Some called it “shocking,” but she laughed it off.

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Image via: NBC / ‘Today’

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  1. No. Lies. I ended up here because I watched half an episode of the slap and didn't even recognize her!! Omg!!. Wtf. At least own it sweetie. The damage is done. She lost her cinematic face and now looks like every boring housewife of beverly hills.

  2. Omg! I am just finfing out aboit your show, The Slap!! And i am so happy this caan photo is explained!!
    Am looking at past episodes soon!! Yea UMA!!

  3. Whew! She didn't ruin that wonderful face! We still have Uma Thurman's great smile and intelligent looks for a while, folks. Nobody was being mean, Uma. You KNOW what we were shocked by.

  4. The only people who look good without mascara are those like my SON, who has ridiculously long and thick lashes, because it's always the boys who get those. For the rest of us, we just look like we have tiny eyes. Especially when you're wearing a full face of other makeup, no mascara just looks unfinished, like you got distracted while you were doing your makeup and forgot to finish it before you left the house. Oh well, she got tons of free press, and there is NO bad publicity in Hollywood, is there?!?

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