Tyga Driving Kylie Jenner to Hospital When She Goes Into Labor?

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Apparently Tyga wants to be the one to drive Kylie Jenner to the hospital when she goes into labor and we’re all scratching our heads.

Another day, another round of Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors.

We are officially on baby-watch for Kylie Jenner’s still unconfirmed pregnancy and the more details we learn, the more we’re freaking out. Kylie has basically been in hibernation mode since the information about her pregnancy was leaked back in September and she has made super rare appearances where she strategically covered her belly.

We have seen her receive a crib delivery and her suspiciously quiet social media presence speaks volumes. The rumored father of her child is Travis Scott, a rapper who Kylie had been dating for about a month before the pregnant news started to swirl.

Before Kylie and Travis got together, Kylie was in an on-again off-again relationship with Tyga for three years. The two officially called it quits for good in April 2017, and less than a month later she was spotted with Travis.

Although Tyga has gone to some great lengths to confirm that he is, in fact, NOT the father of Kylie’s baby, it looks like he might have had a change of heart.

According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Kylie revealed that Tyga wants to be a part of Kylie’s life again. The source apparently said QUOTE “Tyga has offered to stay with Kylie in the final weeks of her pregnancy. She is reluctant, as she thinks that Travis should be the one handling the responsibility but he simply hasn’t been around much lately.”

If this is true, we are seriously confused. Apparently the insider also went on to say QUOTE ““Tyga is still in love with Kylie and wants to be there for her and is desperate to be a part of her life again. In his heart, Tyga still feels there is a decent chance that he is the father of Kylie’s baby and he let Kylie know that he wants to be the one to drive her to the hospital when her water breaks.”


These days it’s honestly really hard to keep up with the Kardashians.

What do you think about Tyga wanting to be part of Kylie’s life again and do you think she should take him back? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see why Kylie is terrified of giving birth. I’m Drew Dorsey, thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Man tyga fuck that Hoe bruh that’s not yo baby stop loving these hoes look how fast she ran and fucked another rapper SMFH

  2. I told you guys that Kylie didn't know who the father of her baby is whether it's Tyga or Travis. That's why she was staying quit about her pregnancy although it does look like that Tyga might be the father

  3. How funny would that be.. tyga and Kylie have a kid. Blac Chyna and Rob have a kid. Tyga and blac Chynas kid will have two siblings whom are also cousins.. highly doubt it's tygas though unless he's the reason for all the secrecy whilst they figure out who the baby daddy actually is.

  4. Everyone saying shes not pregnant yet she just announced on her official Instagram about 40 minutes ago that her baby daughter was born February 1st!!

  5. This is exactly why some people should not believe the garbage they hear on social media I wish her well on her new journey of motherhood people were talking all this trash about Travis Scott saying he wasn’t there and that the family was mad at them but it was actually the complete opposite very supportive always there she never had to look for him nor with the family ever mad let this be a lesson learned for all those that were so quick to throw stones so gullible to consume every piece of garbage thrown at them. we do not know them personally and assumptions passed on to social media as fact. I also think it was smart that khole Kardashian reveal her pregnancy until later on because it’s been hard for her the last couple years quoted from her mouth to get pregnant so she didn’t want to say anything at until she was further along in her pregnancy which makes sense congratulations Kylie Jenner with you and Travis Scott. Also Tyra never drove her to the hospital and she was in labor he was nowhere around this is attention seeking if you want proof just go to Kylie Jenner’s page yourself and see Travis Scott from family guy leading dinner with them mixed with the Kardashian clan.

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  7. "Tyga is still in love with Kylie"….WRONG! There's a difference between having love FOR someone and being in love with someone and he has love FOR her. He's not in love with her or else they would still be together.

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