Trump’s Plan For Peace: ‘Out-Crazy’ Kim Jong-Un

From ‘fire and fury’ to compliments, Donald Trump’s erratic behavior toward North Korea yielded some positive results on Thursday at 2:00 a.m.

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. I used to like the colbert report. But that was back when he was sane(er). Now he is just a whining tool of the far left. Its too bad.

  2. If the reporters speak English, I am absolutely stunned not a single one of them just decked him after saying "the excellent conditions" and yaddayadda…. They are absolutely happy just to be on American soil I think. If they speak Korean only.. I mean.. Jesus I don't know who's luckier. Like I didn't survive everything I survived to say it was like I was on Vacation from the man in the white house.

  3. Putin is really doing great work in deviating discussions Trump – Russia collusion. His North Korean Stooge is really obedient and loyal to the core.
    The world is being fooled.

    Glad for the freed men.

  4. After Kim Jong Un illegally arrested these 3 men for years, raped them, and released them, then Trump thanked Kim Jong Un?

  5. I'm noticing more and more that there are less shills coming to Colbert's defense. Seems to be more Trump supporters than usual. And the comment section has slowed down a-plenty. Hmm…

  6. Given how often Trump changes his tune on things, I'm not sure any statement he says should be analyzed for terribly long.

  7. Lol. He attack Kim and people freak out of possible war and its a dicks out fight between two children.

    He praises Kim for the release of prisoners and now hes pathetic for being thankful. Lmao people make up your minds.

  8. Stephen Colbert is pathetic. Trump is the the best President ever. Colbert can move to Mexico and take his elites, fake news, Hollywood creeps and illegals with him. pathetic comedy stooge.

  9. this worked not because Trump out crazied Kim. It worked, at least up till now, because Trump gave that piece of shit dictator what he haven't had until now from any US President: recognition as a legitimate ruler of his people in the international scene. Other US presidents wouldn't stoop to treat any of the Kim Klan as they would treat a democratically elected president of a foreign nation… because they aren't! But Trump doesn't care about morality much, and doesn't care for the plight of the North Korean people either. So he essentially treats Kim Jong Un and that crazy bastard Duterte as he would treat Macron or Merkel.

  10. It's funny if you watch the people around him when he speaks, you can tell they all think he's a fucking moron.

  11. Trump could screw up his own wet dream…

    Probably by having Hillary pop up in his Ivanka fucking fantasy.

  12. What happened to the "Russian collusion"? Oh yea, it was all a sham. That's what you get for getting your "news" from Stephen Colbert and CNN. LOL! Libtards.

  13. Trumpanzees whining in the comments seem more desperate every day. It's never pretty when a cult starts to disintegrate.
    I'm trying to remember if we've ever had two cult leaders meeting to "negotiate" anything before this. As a rule, their massive egos and pathologicasl sense of entitlement tends to make them pretty shitty at it.

  14. Shut the fuck up dude, The president of South Korea is literally thanking Turmp for his contribution for ending the Korean war. All you libtards do is hate everything Trump does even when he gets shit done. Obama couldn't do shit about North Korea within 8 years and it only took Trump less than 2.

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