Top 10 Celebs Who Have Accidentally Dropped the F-bomb on SNL

Top 10 Celebs Who Have Accidentally Dropped the F-bomb on SNL
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They don’t call it “Saturday Night Live” for nothing. From Sam Rockwell to Samuel L. Jackson and Norm Macdonald, SNL guests and cast members alike have been known to slip-up every now and then. WatchMojo is counting down the stars who have dropped the f-bomb on Saturday Night Live.

#10: Samuel L. Jackson
#9: Steven Tyler
#8: Morris Day
#7: Prince
#6: Charles Rocket
#5: Sam Rockwell
#4: Norm Macdonald
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I'm American and I STILL don't understand how people getting their heads blown off on TV is more acceptable than the word "fuck." It's JUST a word.

  2. this is FUCKING ridiculous how is the word 'fuck' a disaster?! it's a comedy show they don't give a single fuck, the network does. god americans are fuckheads

  3. They can just bleep it out. Plus, I'm pretty sure most of the audience, if not all, are adults. Don't see what's so scandalous or such a bad mistake.

  4. Censorship is petty. But why bleep them on this video, especially ones where you claim they might have said a different word or not completed the f-word? Fuck outa here

  5. Why isn't swearing allowed on SNL anyway? It's a late night show, it's not like little kids are watching it anyway. It shouldn't be such a big deal…

  6. Not an accident but System Of A Down performing BYOB on SNL… That was some great F Bombs. They censored a few but Daron sure dropped an impromptu "Bomb" at the end!

  7. Will Ferrell, playing Robert Goulet, along side musical guest Jay-Z, with Beanie Siegel and Memphis Bleep.
    That was an incredible f-bomb.

  8. Prince changed it to "friggin'." It doesn't even sound close to "fuckin'" in that version. (Yes, I know that's the original lyric – but he doesn't say it on SNL.)

  9. I was in the audience when the Kristen Stewart one happened, the whole audience got silent, I had my mouth open in excitement, I couldn't believe shit like that was happening the night I finally got to be at an SNL taping. btw Kate's cigarette smelled weird too it wasn't a real one.

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