This Is Why Men Don’t Want To Date Modern Women

This Is Why Men Don’t Want To Date Modern Women

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  1. Of course its the black women that was in denial. Black women are worst of the worst. Petty hostile manipulative.

  2. Let me give you this: when feminists first sleep around with at least 30 men before they are 20, why do you expect people to view you as anything other than a sex object?

  3. Women – ordinary women if you will – like chivalry generally. A lot of it is about courtesy. The professional and media feminists are trying to kill it off and scare men into thinking its a bad idea so they will stop doing it.

  4. This is just me but I love being the gentleman it's just something that I try to be every day, so when feminist want to take something that WAS a mutual agreement between men and women because neither side is losing anything, men feels masculine, and gentlemen like while women might feel kind of (dangerous word to throw around these days but..) privileged and feeling privileged is nice you feel like you're being treated with respect, and feminist aim to take that away making men and women confused on how to act because you don't know when you're gonna offend the women you're trying to respect

  5. Haha you still want men to open doors for your trifling selfs no fucking way chivalry is dead been so for a min i wont lift a finger for any strangers i see a women getting stomped out smacked around i pull my phone not to call but to film that shit. Everyone is on their own hoes hustle for yourselfs my bread stay in my pocket

  6. good to see that it's only women that are discussing this, why aren't they asking men what the issue is instead?

  7. Real simple here folks, women want all of the things that they think men get and to be treated in a traditional way. Sorry ladies but you can do everything that I can do. That mean opening your own car door, paying your own way, and putting up with garbage just like me.

  8. Chivalry? Nope fuck that! I love equality! It's beautiful to take a chick on a date and watch her struggle to order because she can't rape a man's wallet ordering shit she can't even pronounce. Let's go dutch because we are adults right?

  9. As a (mostly self defined) gentleman, I don't do it because they need it or any of those other reasons that fly around the same idea, I do it because I'm trying to be NICE. I'm thinking they should start calling it niceman, not gentleman, cause aparently women aren't gentle.

  10. This black woman said it
    " men NEED to arise to woman's level and expectations" in plain language.. I am the dominate You will obey me… She's the exact example that killed chivalry…..
    But she will refuse to admit it..

  11. Yet every single school I’ve been in, they force the idea of ladies first. Chivalry is not near dead nowadays, and I’m forced to wait and let ladies go first.

  12. What a load of crap in much of the comments. If you men can't handle a strong woman, you're not strong. Agression against feminists has a lot of fear of strong women in it. And justice warriors, if you're too strong on what's right and wrong check what you really feel, not what you're supposed to feel, according to your convictions. And the same time, I don't believe the FOX propaganda that women must soft to men because that's'real'feminity. Be you. Be honest. And don't play the FOX or leftish rulesbut follow your deeper senses. Develop yourself, so don't listen to these' shows telling you you what is fititng. Diversity between genders and roles can be huge. Be you. Not a FOX and Feminsit girl, if that isn't you.

  13. They say chivalry when they want gender equality. Lmao. Drop your feminiat movement THEN we'll give you our chivalry back.

  14. Sjw women: Why are you helping me? I can do it my self you sexist pig. Men: Ok do it then. Sjw women: Help! Help! I surprisingly cant lift something super heavy! Men are so mean that they are not helping me! They are disrespectful pig! … This ideology is very hypocritical and puts men in a trap in which we a pigs either way. Yeah I definitely want to date one of them

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