The Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters Ever

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Let’s face it: It’s easier to look good when you have a team of professionals to prep and primp you to perfection. Celebrity makeup artists can make any canvas look stunning, and when you’re starting from a base of seemingly unattainable beauty, how can you go wrong? Shocking as it may be, it’s all too common for stars to hit red carpets and special events looking like a bit of a mess. Whether it’s bad lighting, smudged mascara, or just an unflattering shade of lipstick, these celebs unfortunately fell victim to public makeup disasters…

Jessie J | 0:29
Chrissy Teigen | 1:04
Charlize Theron | 1:45
Nicki Minaj | 2:12
Katy Perry | 2:46
Victoria Beckham | 3:23
Selena Gomez | 3:49

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  1. I liked Posh Spice 2007 blonde do. What now? Long hair? No shape or style? Yawn. Charlize Theron at the Oscars. Terrible.

  2. "Nicki Minaj is one of the prettiest women on the planet." Seriously???
    You may want to get checked by your physician because hallucinations are often a symptom of a much more serious illness. Mental illness can be devastating if left untreated. Could you imagine driving in traffic when you are having your delusions? You're lucky you haven't killed or maimed someone yet.

  3. You know what? I saw all of these women when those bad makeup, bad styling, and other flops happened. I honestly didn’t think anything of it. We’re all human. Including celebrities. I think maybe we need to just relax about all this. Unless we plan on being perfect in celebrities’ eyes. The knife does cut both ways.

  4. Disappointed with woman comments about this , men's? NO, they are unfortunately reliably predictable. Why do all assume that all woman wear make up for the sole purpose of being conventionally "attractive" do men think everything is always about them. Make up can be worn to portray an illusion, a mood, a theatrical persona etc. particular ly in the performing arts.

  5. 1) Charlize Theron looked fab and flawless at the award show.
    2) Nicki Minaj is not one of the prettiest women on the planet. she is one of the most artificial, plastic women in the universe.
    3) Victoria Beckham: thanks for not saying she is pretty, beautiful, etc….because she is quite average, way overrated, and quite underfed.

  6. Did you really say Nicki Minaj is one of the most beuatiful women?? She looks like a plastic doll and totally unnatural.

  7. Charlize Theròn looked flawless when she won the Oscar… she looked amazing holding the statuette… they were practically twins

  8. DAMN. Charlize Theron has had a sh*itload of plastic surgery lmao. I think she's a dog. She's so cheap, taking parts like How To Suck Ass in The West and such. She's an atrocity.

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