The Weeknd DISSES Selena w/ Bella Hadid?! – Paul Brothers’ Dad ABUSED Team 10?! (DHR)

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The Weeknd & Bella heat up Cannes, and Greg Paul accused of abusing team 10 members? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. After looking at True (on Khloes instagram) True looks very dark so there it seems really unlikely that Stormi is Travis’s and not her body guards

  2. Erin & Emile, good to see you on this episode. Thoughts: First, the internet will always find a way to put The Weeknd, Bella, & Selena in the same sentence and make it seem like a bad thing. I don't see anything wrong here. Second, the drama with Tristan, Khloe, & the entire family is just continuing to escalate higher and higher. Third, the drama with Kylie and her bodyguard is also continuing to go up. Fourth, we'll have to see what the future holds for Tristan & Khloe. Fifth, I hope that Rihanna is okay after the terrible incident that occurred in New York. Sixth, it's no surprise that someone from T-10 would speak on Jake after leaving the group, because there was almost always something going wrong there. To answer your final questions, i don't think The Weeknd was causing any harm, and Khloe's situation is going to grow. Thanks for a great episode.

  3. It’s ridiculous how some people are acting like they getting back together will “affect” Selena in some way. She doesn’t care. She was mature enough to end the relationship in silence, never throwing shade at him or his ex. Unlike Abel, she didn’t play the victim, even though he totally used her own disease to make himself look like a good person. She is acting like the bigger person here.

  4. If stormi begins to have sleekish curly hair then it’s Travis baby cuz Kylie has straight hair and Travis has curly black hair, and if the bodyguard was the farther then stormi would have straight hair cuz the bodyguard has straight hair. And plus Kylie and Travis don’t have really big eyes they have a little slanted eyes so mabye that’s why stormi has slanted eyes. And mabye Kylie has strong genes and that’s why stormi is light. And if the bodyguard was even the dad stormi would be wayyyyy lighter

  5. I think Bella said It was not me as a joke, in reference to the song it was not me by shaggy.

  6. although im not invested in the kardashians i genuinely sympathize for khloe. it would suck so bad to be made a fool in the public eye, especially when she was pregnant and now has her baby

  7. Tbh Bella is kinda stupid when it comes to Abel. Like he dumped her, went out with her friend, said he had a thing for Selena for a while after a month of leaving Bella. And is only back w Bella bc Selena dumped him.

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