The TRUTH Behind Justin Bieber’s Wedding Ring – Kendall Jenner SPIES On Hater (DHR)

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Justin wears a ring on THAT finger, and Kendall has an awkward run-in with a hater. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. We are all human i hope.she gets help she is young and her life ahead of her we all make mistakes just brush yourself and try again demi

  2. But her coat got everyone talking about the issue didn't it? So it did its job. I feel if someone did this who had a better reputation people would look at it differently?

  3. Yeah, and if you're the First lady and you want to make a statement, then you make a frickin public statement or whatever. You don't write it on your clothes like a punk on the street.

  4. Machester bombing in comparison to a drug addiction isnt comparable.. mac was on drugs as well..and we all see how that played out.

  5. Y’all forget about JELENA (Coming from a huge JELENA SHIPPER) what about Dyelena or DELENA Dylan O’Brien and Selena Gomez

  6. II haven’t been continuously watching dhr for a few month and OMG, Emile has gotten soo buff!

  7. 1. Demi Lovato – She was really brave to be put it out there and I do hope that she gets back on the wagon to being sober once more. I'd be willing to put up with not hearing new music from her for a while if it means she gets to take care of herself more.

    2.. Melania Trump – Either her staff or the WH staff are really that dumb, or they just want to let the Trumps self-destruct. I'm hoping for the latter. It's inconceivable for any intelligent person working in politics to make that kind of mistake when they worry about the optics of even the smallest things such as the color of ties and whatnot.

  8. I think the jacket was completely insensitive. There is absolutely no way that Melania and the glam squad, makeup artists, and hairstylists, etc., did not think that this was a bad choice. Anyone with half a brain would know that wearing a jacket that says "I really don't care. Do you?" when you are going to visit detained children separated from their parents, is completely insensitive and rude. Melania and her team absolutely knew what would happen when she wore that jacket and they didn't care.

  9. Emile & Renee, you did great together. Thoughts: First, Demi's song really hits home for her, and i hope she gets better from her relapse. Second, Pete really had a lot to say about Ariana. Third, the jacket that our president had was very insensitive. Fourth, Kendall really had an awkward run-in. Fifth, i don't think Justin was wearing a ring on THAT finger. I don't even believe it for a second. To answer your final questions, i heard about that jacket, and Kendall really had quite an awkward run-in. Thanks for a great episode.

  10. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and i have a promise ring after 2 years and i were it all the time and i still waiting for a wedding ring lol and i love your show youtube here .

  11. Justin grew up for a little while. I think that’s due to him seeking God. But, no one is perfect and he has returned to his immaturity. It end up being a good thing though because at least he is starting to reconnect with God and his precious Son Jesus. And, Selena I believe WILL really get over him this time. She deserves someone who will truly care for her the same as she cares for them.

  12. I don't feel annoyed about the whole Arianna lovey dovey posts. I'm just nervous for the future, because if anything goes wrong, then it'll be HELLA embarrassing for them.


  14. I’m a vegan and I’m very against anyone wearing fur but I (mostly) like the Kardashians as people, also Kylie cosmetics is cruelty free. This kind of thing makes veganism and animal rights seem really extreme when it’s just about being kind to everyone, human or otherwise.

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