The Shady Truth About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is on top of the world, but critics say she’s done some sketchy things to get there. The country crooner-turned pop star has forged a wildly successful career that’s been boosted by her many high-profile feuds, legal battles, and endless innuendo. She’s been accused of copying other artists, and yet she ferociously attacks others who might be riding her coattails. From her controversial views on feminism to her odd business arrangements, let’s take a closer look at the shady side of Taylor Swift…

The other side | 0:28
Exaggerated excitement? | 2:02
Crashing the Kennedys | 2:42
Heartbreaker | 3:35
Breaking her silence | 4:38
Lawsuit happy | 5:26

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  1. shes beautiful and sweet, but when you get into a relationship with her, its like youre gonna break up soon? thats kind of cheap.

  2. John Mayer was telling publicly speaking about his sex life with Jessica Simpson and I think Jennifer Aniston, he's a douchebag, he got want he deserved, and she was 19 years old, come on, John Mayer is a pice of s*it

  3. So, she's crazy if people break up with her and she's shady if she's shady if she's the one who break up.

  4. 1. John and Joe are hypocrites because they write about their relationships too.
    2. She was always surprised she won because she's a humble person.
    3. Her crashing the wedding wasn't great, but that doesn't mean she meant any harm by it.
    4. Tom sent her flowers right after her and Calvin broke up, plus Calvin was a jerk about saying they wouldn't collaborate. He could've just said, no comment.
    5. She's also a businesswoman. In business, you have to protect your trademarks. Plus, the Delicate is NOT that similar to the ad. The idea, sure, but who would have known about that ad, because I sure didn't.

  5. A girl once took credit of my art work, when she had said she'd return it, and said that she made it, and when I told the others that I had made it, literally no one cared. They realised when the same thing happened to them.

  6. I honestly don’t get why people have such a problem with her writing about her exes. She’s writing songs from personal experience, what do you want her to write about? A butterfly she saw in the park…? Why do you think her songs and albums are so popular, because they’re great and relatable.

  7. "he is convinced that tayler was cheating with tom while they were still together" duh?!
    well done. you understand what cheating is

  8. Okay the Connor one is… yikes. She’s really invested in relationships and went too far that time. But that’s the only real fault in here.

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