The Shady Truth About Matt Damon

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Ever since breaking into stardom with Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has had a firm grip on the Hollywood Good Guy title. But over the last few years, Damon has seemed more shady than sweet. Here are some of Damon’s sketchiest moments…

Broadcasting the breakup | 0:17
Casting blame | 0:54
Tone-deaf takes | 1:49

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. I'm sorry but saying that there's a difference between a woman being patted on the behind and child abuse or rape is not a controversial statement.
    It's like saying there's a big difference between being punched in the arm and stabbed in the face.
    It's just stupid feminists trying to create controversy where there isn't any and has beens trying get there next 15 minutes of fame that make it seem controversial.
    Very very disappointing video so you got a dislike from me

  2. He mentioned there is a spectrum of difference in abuse/harassment? And that is bad why? There is a spectrum, are you trying to say there is no difference between sexually abusing children and inappropriate flirting for example?

  3. Hey Nicki,
    So if you're against the gay mafia in Hollywood that is controversial? You go out of your way to say that's bad? How stupidly PC you are.

  4. Of course he wants it to be dialed down. The man knew about Weinstein for decades and choose to continue working with him, probably actively helping Weinstein stay in business.

  5. I agree with Matt on the spectrum thing, he wasn't saying that this behaviour is acceptable clearly it is not but to say there's no difference or degrees is ridiculous. There is a world of difference between a pat on the ass and a child molester or rapist. As for Minnie driver she's obviously still bitter and yes he was a dick to do that to her. But move on and get over it.

  6. Sorry Nicki, but youve jumped the shark on this one.
    Breaking up with someone in public is very low. And while he doesnt deserve to be pilloried for giving his opinion on an issue if the opinion is "unpopular", I can see why you might be unhappy that he was a bit "gay unfriendly" or insensitive to racism. But the complaint about his "spectrum of behaviours" comment is ludicrous. Are you honestly saying that a guy who tries to pick up a girl at a bar with a lame pickup line is JUST AS BAD as a guy who forcefully and repeatedly rapes a twelve year old?

    Because that is EXACTLY the implication you just made. Matt even went out of his way to try to clarify what he meant, by using Weinberg and Franken as examples. If you HONESTLY think that Franken's harassment (apparently three or four instances of inappropriate touching, over clothes) is EXACTLY AS BAD as Weinstein's 40 or 50 years of serial rapes, sexual assaults, indecent exposure, attempted rapes and sexual assault of minors, at least one or two statutory rapes (albeit "consensual") , then I guess you really dont want to have a conversation about the issue of sexual harassment at all. Because I think you will find few people (and extremely few men) who are willing to take someone seriously if they adopt that extreme a position.

    You need to clarify your comment, and apologise for implying that there is no qualitative difference between, for example, an inappropriate suggestive comment to a woman at a bar, and brutal gang rape of a minor.

  7. Seems like your average human too me. EVERYONE IS ALLOWED THEIR OPINION, DUH! Not a single thing in this video that bothers me. Not necessarily appropriate at times (Break up on tv) but that kind of thing happens all the time with people, How many girls tell their friends she's gonna break up with a guy before telling him. @nickyswift c'mon……. seriously? …….. Pc is unrealistic.

  8. Ya know what's more shady then Matt Damon … the idea we all have to be a fucking hive mind on social topics … and guess what there is a spectrum of offences ….and there are women in Hollywood that have used sex as currency …but we can't talk about that can we.

  9. By "controversial statements" you mean he has the balls to say things that everyone is already thinking but too worried about their careers and image to actually say out loud? I mean how dare he disagree with the mob right? Idiots.

  10. i don't understand how they didn't canceled this ugly FTM already??
    he doesn't belong on tv screen. he is disgusting and he can't act.

  11. There is a spectrum. What Louis CK and Dustin Hoffman did is not as bad as what Roman Polanski or Bill Cosby did. Blinding yourself to the difference is ignorance.

  12. I'm MINNIE DRIVER and I sit waiting for ANY opportunity to insert myself back into Matt Damon's life.
    We dated for 16 days when I was 24 and he was 17, and my entire existence is based around a burning
    need to destroy Matt Damon. I am not a typical English bunny boiler. I am more an Americanised type
    psycho ex screaming for a minutely detailed RESTRAINING ORDER. Slapping the buttock of a female
    co-worker is just as bad as clubbing a stranger unconscious, then repeatedly raping them MATT DAMON
    says that some things are worse than others because he CONDONES SEXUAL VIOLENCE and is a known
    supporter of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION which is why DOWNSIZED never once condemned it.

  13. "Diversity doesn't matte behind a camera only in front of it"…. Black Panther?! Matt take several seats you culturally clueless fool

  14. There is no "SHADY TRUTH" here. Just a bunch of bullshit to destroy character. You let me down with this one Nicki Swift.

  15. So your criticism is that he shouldn't say things publicly if he is agreeing with your point of view? For the record, he is right about everything mentioned in this video, even with you trying to skew the message. Nothing depicted here is shady, especially not just because "Nicki Swift" wants to jump on this band wagon of being a socially and politically hypersensitive "victim". Your channel is full of junk like this, after taking a quick look through past videos. I hope your views tank, as a reflection of the garbage you create. Ironically enough, maybe that display of the popular opinion about your videos, will be just what you need to try and not appeal to the "popular opinion".

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