Today we dig deep into the drama surrounding YouTube star and I’m a Celebrity contestant, Jack Maynard.
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  1. Thing is is that Itv knew about these tweets before he entered the jungle so y tf was he removed. Bc he was accused of things he has apologised for and that Itv knew about really bih??

  2. But the way he used the "N" word wasn't malicious or nasty, holding these words so highly and reacting to them in this way is why racism is still as bad as it is or homophobia

  3. He was axed for being a pervert. He was asking a 14 year old to show him her tits on social media. His fan base is mostly female's. The police should check his computer's cos ther are plenty of tits on pornhup which is legal. But this little prick wants the pics from youngsters WTF

  4. sub to me if u guys belive jack maynard should return hes such a good young boost to the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So people are no longer taken on in jobs because of their capabilities but because of their ethical views, when does it become so much that it is too much and ends up stopping people having their own opinions?

  6. Calling someone gay is not homophobic, it's a normal very common insult like calling someone an old woman. The modern world is obsessed with a tiny number of minorities that we must treat like gods. You can attack the French, the fat, ginger haired people, whites, Christians etc but god help you if you select one of the untouchables.

  7. Pond life feeding off others, I guess jumping on the bandwagon like all the other YouTubers, this moron thinks he will pick up some of inadequate jacks fanbase… so it’s not just jack who is the cretinous twat

  8. He was 15 years old and he was young then everyone's said something stupid yeh not what jack put but everyone says or writes things and everyone learns from there mistakes ! I think it's stupid that he's got kicked off the show!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Whether or not Jack knew that he would become famous, he should not have used those words. Saying that, I also think he was young and stupid. I don’t think it came from a nasty place and it’s not something he would do now… he’s clearly already grown up and changed his ways so why bring up the past?

  10. I have so many questions about this manner, like first of all who tf showed or brought the tweets up in the first place?, it seems weird to me since he tweeted those tweets a long time ago, like did someone actually search for those tweets to ruin him? Wth?, second Why does something he did in the past matters so much in the present when he's not like that anymore and has grown a lot since those tweets , I personally didn't even know he had tweeted that until now and I'm pretty sure a lot of people didn't know either, that hasn't stopped him before so why now?, to me everything seems a little sketchy, there's definitely more to the story that we don't know of or maybe people aren't telling the true reasons why he's out of the show…idk but anyway, it must have been a fun experience for Jack, while it lasted!

  11. If you don't want people to call black people Niggas then I would say to all the black people of the world stop calling yours selves this horrible word you disrespect your for fathers who died in the plantation fields and in slavery as this is the word they were called stop the use of the word Niggas in all black countries then no one else will say it its all over the USA rap artists all ways call each other this name Stop now

  12. Okay I understand that he was 15 but he knew what he was doing with those tweets I just 16 years old and know better to behave in such a manner but I guess my parents raised me differently then him but yes I do agree with these were tweeted years ago we should let it go but at the end of the day he has to suffer the consequences

  13. They would have changed the name of the show "i'm related to a minor celebrity and am willing to do crappy tv for my 15 minutes of fame"

  14. Can somebody please explain how Jack was racist or homophobic. From what I just saw in the video, all he’s said is that:

    1- Being gay is ‘weird’
    2- The people who had Nandos and watched a film with him are N words

    I mean calling your mates the n word as a joke is a bit different to using it as an offensive insult.

    And also whoever censored the word ‘gayest’ in the first tweet is implying that gay is a bad word, which it isn’t. Its not like he said being gay was wrong, all he said was that its wierd, which was just his opinion at the time.

    So could somebody please tell why any of the tweets he sent were bad or offensive cuz i dont understand

  15. People consider this low grade banter as racist and homophobic! That’s like labelling the abbreviation kys as a death threat!!

  16. Can,t say jack shit these days. Get over it all you "Upset,offended, disappointed" morons. He didn't rape or kill anyone did he?

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