The Real-Life Tragic Story Of Shania Twain

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Shania Twain is one of country music’s most famous faces with a ton of hits and shiny prizes to show for them. Twain has sold more than 85 million albums and boasts some of the most memorable anthems of the genre. But behind all the success, Twain has suffered a mountain of tragedy and heartbreak in her lifetime. Here’s what you may not know about Shania Twain’s life away from the microphone…

Humble beginnings | 0:24
Turbulent home life | 1:29
Unexpected goodbyes | 2:49
Major betrayal | 3:30
Getting even | 4:22
Dealing with dysphonia | 5:17
Starting over | 5:53

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  2. Wow after reading this you realize it’s what you don’t do or say that defines who you really are ! I’m very proud of all her leaps and bounds and the way it makes her shine like no other can’t wait to get her next cd 🙂

  3. Looove her…a beautiful person who's been through so much…lots of admiration for her….her voice is total…god bless her

  4. Unless a man or woman is born again, they can not see the kingdom of heaven, all of this world are born of flesh , you must be born again of the spirit to enter heaven ,god is spirit.all of you who read this , please read the bible ,ask jesus to forgive your sins. all sin but god is love, thanks

  5. Wow… I didn't know all that it's a shame.. it was her music the first got me listening to country.

  6. When Shania was younger…..omg I'd if literally licked her arse hole…RAW! Girl was sexy as fuuuuuck back in the day she had such a pretty face, gorgeous hair and the sexiest little fat cat when she was in spandex or tight ass leggings.

  7. She certainly deserves all she has personally gained. She has gone through such great hardships, particularly when young. This video didn't tell you that after the tragic deaths of her mother and stepfather, when she was a teenager, going to highschool, working late at night singing in clubs to make survival money and raising her two younger siblings, they lived in a modest rental without much and had no water but bathed in the river below their location, and she asked her relatives for help and they all said NO, and turned their backs on them. So horrible, awful and painful, the rejection. When she became rich and famous, they all FINALLY came out of the woodwork, but not to help at all, instead, to be leeches for money. Can you imagine, these PARASITES. Anyway, the answer for their begging was a BIG FAT NO. She owed them NOTHING, since they ABANDONED her and her brother and sister.

  8. She is a has been. She treated others badly on her way up. Now she is on the way down she is whining because no one is supporting her. Playing on our sympathies.

  9. This is a human that defines strength. Contrary to belief experiencing hardships doesn't have to be shown with a brooding personality and a scowl, this woman has been through so much more than most people will ever have to live,yet she still has optimism and looks forward to life. Beautiful.

  10. Good research for the video content. To improve your videos, Please add more of the artists voices into them rather than narrating most of the videos.

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