The GOP Finally Proposes A Ban

A GOP representative assures us that our elected officials are hard at work to ban something even more dangerous than assault weapons: numbers.

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Written by Jennifer

Foodie, Volunteer, Systems Thinker, Social Entrepreneur, Baconator. Born at a very young age.

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  1. NRA = Not Real Activists. Tell your friends and family to stop supporting their garbage. Gun Owners of America doesn't compromise.

  2. The second amendment is more important to the American people n allowing the NRA to flooded the US with guns that kill its citizens n chlidren.

  3. In the day and age of trump, a skit like this may precede reality!
    Be vigilant! Vote them out – flush them out! November is approaching fast.

  4. I'm actually all for the banning of military automatic weapons. And I am for background checks and disabling the ability to purchase weapons from mentally unstable persons/known criminals… but allot of us are not considering the fact that black markets exists and places like the Deep Web can still make it easy for certain individuals to obtain said weapons.

    We all need to observe how humanity works when it comes to banning certain things.

    When alcohol was widely banned back in the early 1900s the mafia became big off of the sales of booze.

    And while certain drugs like pot, meth, etc are illegal today there's still a huge black market for these drugs and people are still getting their hands on them through shady means. And gangs that make bank off of these substances are getting stronger and bigger off the whole ridiculous drug war.

    If we just ban these weapons and ban certain people from being able to obtain guns then the black market for guns will simply grow just like the black market for drugs and other banned items.

    We need to seriously consider this…

  5. A ban on guns would work like the bans on alcohol and drugs. You're going to have to get more creative if you don't want to sound mentally challenged.

  6. I like in a small town in nova scotia canada. My son is in grade primary and because of whats happened in the states he has to have lock down drills. Enough is enough it is time for change time for new laws . I stand by those kids and parents and hope the a'holes in your government do something .

  7. WTF did your founding fathers do when they were getting used and ripped off? Huh?! Are there any actual Americans left? You can't ALL be fat lazy idiots. Just take your damn country back and kick these criminals out…send them all to Syria…with their guns.

    It's pretty bad when the millennials are being smarter than their parents.

  8. Numbers come in families (prime, rational, irrational, real, imaginary) that began in the ancient past and do tend to become radicalized if you try to take their roots.

  9. You can take away all the guns in the country but school killings will continue to happen. There's a disease in the american society that everyone seems to be ignoring. Until the cause of all of this keeps being ignored any other "solution" is nothing more than sweeping your problems under the rug.

  10. You know you are doing things right when you can write stuff about such sad, disconcerting and despicable behavior – and make your audience belly laugh.
    Thanks guys and girls. We all need this right now.
    I hope all the people that have lost their lives to senseless gun violence are having an excellent time at the big party in the sky.<3

  11. City folks just don't get it. You can't just ban guns. some of us need guns and use them all the time out here in the country.
    Im a Dem but you cant just ban guns.

  12. So leftists want to act like they are the ones who care, and then turn around and try to make money by making jokes after a tragedy.

    You dumb, smug, hypocritical fucks

  13. I don't like it how after a shooting, people who don't like guns immediately start demanding that they be banned. I don't slap people who talk about their vegan or gluten free diet like it's what everyone should be doing. Show some thoughtfulness and discipline…like me. There are other ways to deal with gun violence (or just plain violence) that aren't as divisive as control.

  14. They actually have banned the ATF from reporting how many actual gun deaths and injuries there are that we don't hear about.
    Information about all kinds of things are being banned.

  15. As a result of guns or as a result of mental illness? If you said mental illness you're right! So better come take my guns away, cause not being able to escape people is driving me fuckin mental!!

  16. Look at the RIGHT HAND on his thigh , That' NOT his hand !
    Can you see it ??! By God it's true ! Stephen Colbert is member of the deep state Secret Society .
    9/11 was an inside job ! , Sandy Hook was a hoax ! The florida students are all actors ! The sun is just a hologram being projected by our alien overlords from Planet Niburu

  17. don't ask them to put a ban on arms, u 'll be needing those guns very soon when your government imposes martial law on you.

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