The Dark Side Of Being InstaFamous

The downside of being internet famous on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Many of us have social media accounts and enjoy posting a photo or two here and there. But getting paid to post selfies and vacation snaps seems like it would be the perfect job. We’ve uncovered some dark secrets about the life of Instagram models that may make you rethink that. Instead of just snapping a quick selfie, models spend hours upon hours carefully cultivating the perfect picture. While we all enjoy getting likes and comments, those who are Instafamous become dangerously reliant on all the attention they get. Fitness models on Instagram claim to promote healthy lifestyles, but evidence shows they promote insecurity above all else. Many people try to make their accounts look realistic, but in actuality they’re carefully cultivated to look as perfect as possible. Do you think the benefits to being Instafamous outweigh the drawbacks? Let us know in the comment section and then click subscribe to get more videos from TheTalko.

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  1. Boring boring boring boring boring boring lol. All those people. Why would I like to follow such them? Lol. I have a life.

  2. It's not surprising why so many people are so unhappy. it's sad that so many people are obsessed with social media

  3. Becoming "Insta-famous" is CLEARLY more work to keep up with and maintain than most of the ACTUAL work you could do instead. Hard pass, thanks. I'll stick with Insta-obscurity and a real job.

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