Stars Who Work Totally Regular Jobs Today

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Show business may seem dreamy from a distance, but the intense pressure isn’t every celeb’s cup of tea. Whether it was because of constant scrutiny, family life, or just some bad luck in the industry, these stars ditched the limelight for more low-key, everyday jobs…

Freddie Prinze, Jr. | 0:19
Sarah Michelle Gellar | 0:51
Al Green | 1:33
Angus T. Jones | 2:13
Andrew Shue | 2:59
Kathryn Dennis | 3:40
Jon Gosselin | 4:06

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  1. @ 2:15 Angus T. Jones is truly a walking, talking testimony of God's love for His children and His existence. When God closes one door He opens another door for His children to walk thru. Total respect to you Angus T. Jones

  2. I miss Sarah Michelle acting, she was so goddamn good, always cheated out of an Emmy for "Buffy" because every Academy hates genre shows, but amazing in "Cruel Intentions".

  3. What people who are unfamiliar with the Hollywood seen, it's a very dark, disturbing, toxic, disgusting place filled with narcissist and corrupt people who will do anything to for a buck. If fame and fortune is your end goal, then stay and live in that toxic atmosphere. But, if its about the work, then get the hell out of there because that town will destroy you.

  4. Feddie and Sarah are so fucking adorable and wholesome. After Gwen and Gavin broke up, they're the only celeb couple I have left lmao.

  5. Freddie is a BUM, wanted to stay home and cook for his family everyday, meaning, he wants to live off of Sarah, and maybe take a job, that she gets for him, while being a "D" rated chef, in the 90's he wasn't much of an actor, now he is a mooching BUM , That has it made in the shade… Who said love isn't BLIND!

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