Stars Who Destroyed Regular People’s Lives

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They say you shouldn’t meet your heros, but these stars prove almost any celeb could totally ruin your day — and quite possibly — the rest of your life…

Roman Polanski | 0:11
Matthew Broderick | 1:00
Nick Hogan | 1:38
O.J. Simpson | 2:17
The Jenny Jones Show | 3:02
Dancing with the Stars | 3:42
Mike Tyson | 4:29
Phil Spector | 5:10
Vince Neil | 6:00
Brandy Norwood | 6:28

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  1. How do you not want to lose faith in humanity when you see those celebs just paying their way out of jail? The only guy who was correctly sentenced was that weird fuck who loved playing russian roulette.

  2. i feel like you guys didn't do research on the tyson thing. it was the other way around…. she lied on him and in fact she had lied on two men before him also. she claimed her hs boyfriend raped her after she lost her virginity to him and her dad found out. then she claim a boy in college raped her… she had sex with another guy and her then boyfriend found out. she liked the guy she had sex with so she just told her boyfriend that another classmate raped her to stop her boyfriend from breaking up with her. they found that the classmate she had claimed raped her wasn't even in the same place at the same time as her around the time she claimed……. but thats rape culture…

  3. Roman Polanski…the pedophile hero of the liberals and Democrats, if his victim would have been 3 or younger, he would have been the Democratic nomination for president.

  4. Stop playing safe and give us facts. Roman didn't allegedly do it. He raped a little girl!!! And Caitlin Jenner should be here. He/she killed someone and has shown no remorse. Fuck this channel

  5. Oh yeah, let's blame the Jenny Jones show because one homophobic guy couldn't take the heat of another man's feelings are decided to kill him??? It's no one's fault but his own.

  6. You see how those cops fanboyed all over Hulk as they stood around the scene of what was that boys all most death. Fucking disgusting pricks him and his son are.

  7. On Simpson I believe he didn't kill his wife but he knew who did and its bs how the court system say oh can be realsed on this day then make it where oh sorry get out a week later I can see if he been bad but he didn't and behaved wow

  8. Woah how insensitive. Its 2017 and youre still not treating trans people equally. You need to call out Caitlin Jenner just like you did everyone else. Its called equality boo boo

  9. Vince Neal is a terrible person. He shouldn’t be allowed to live free when he victimized those people and their families. Also to be quoted that way seems to be a cruel person indeed.

  10. Daaamn I wish some rich celeb would post an embarassing photo of me too, so I can sue them for 6 FUCKING MILION DOLLARS for "emotiomal distress" and invasion of privacy

  11. Must be nice when you're rich and famous or are the son or daughter, you can mame and or kill and most times get away with it.

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