Selena Gomez SHUTS DOWN Charlie Puth Rumors – Kian Lawley FIRED Over Racist Remarks (DHR)

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Selena slams Charlie dating rumors, and Kian gets fired from his upcoming movie. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. She shut down the rumor, but it's not even reliable, like unless it comes out of her mouth you can't say she shut it down.

    Also for CHicago West being in the video, I think it was to show the moment Kylie to her in her hands like preparing for when her baby came. I don't think it was anything about getting attention.

    Another sidenote, Kian was going to be Chris?? Aw, why'd he screw it up ugh

  2. When she said "I just want Shawn Mendes to play Tony and Camila to play Maria" . I was like YES YES PLEASE. That would make me so happy.

  3. Maybe he is growing up?! He was 16 years old. He is now 22 years old. He clearly doesn’t believe these words and that’s is obviously clear in his work from there on out. He has grown a lot and I still support him and I am proud of him for admitting he made a mistake

  4. I feel bad for Charlie nobody wants to claim him. Bella Throne said nothing happened between tho she was photographed making out with him. Now Selena is saying the same thing. I think he falls for girls faster than they fall for him. I’m not a fan of Wendy Williams but I kind of agree with her. Kim will always be desperate for the spotlight. She even said once that she’s self absorbed. I want to know what Kian said. I’m a black girl and a fan of his so this is disappointing to me

  5. you could see that charlie obviously had a crush on selena. it's not Selena's fault that she didn't feel the same way. he messed himself up, not selena.

  6. What Kian said was not correct at all, he should've known better than that, and should've thought about the impact of his words on other people. But the video is also very old and people change, it is good that he got called out, and he has apologized, but I think it's unfair to think he's the same person he once was, he was 16 maybe in that video, he's 22 now, he's grown, he's changed, he has learned from his mistakes and tries to be a better person every day, he is NOT racist whatsoever, and shouldn't be called one.

  7. Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez "Fling" : 0:28

    Kim Kardashian and Wendy Williams "dispute" : 2:12

    Kian Lawley With Racist Remarks (omfg people are so sensitive…): 4:14

    Camila Cabello Starring in Wet Side Story?!?!?: 6:40

  8. idk how big youtube mega star kian really is? he was big when they did o2l but he really isn't that big anymore. he has his fans but thats pretty much it. haven't heard from him since those days

  9. Honestly i dont think that Selena and Charlie ever dated but I do think that something did happen. He never said that they dated so when the source close to Selena said that, I think they were just trying to cover her.

  10. I honestly find it crazy that people are going back to a video of Kian when he was like 16 yrs old of him saying stupid stuff. I get that it's disrespectful especially since the movie is about the black lives matter movement but he was 16, he knew it was going on the internet, but I don't think he deserves to lose the roll of "Chris" in this movie. I have been watching Kian's videos for years now and he has never been racist or said racial slurs. People need to stop bringing up shit from peoples past and using it for slander.

  11. Failed to mention that this video of Kian was made six flipping years ago. no it doesn’t make his actions okay, but he was a stupid 16 year old. I know after that video resurfacing he wasn’t gonna be kept in that movie but calling Kian racist is honestly uncalled for. He lives with so many diverse people and has changed since that video was made. Get the story straight before bashing him.

  12. I watch Kian basically religiously. I agree with the movie's choice to remove him from the movie because of negative attention but I don't think he should be slandered for the rest of his career because he was a dumb kid. I'm not accepting his apology because it's not my place but as a viewer I'm hoping he continues to flourish in his career. He's really a genuine guy, he has his faults and his past but that should never define who a person is. I wish him the best of luck and that this was a lesson learned. Actions have consequences, it's something we could all learn.

  13. Charlie said they had a fling, not that they dated. In my eyes those are two completely different things, plus the “source” wasn’t Selena

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