Selena Gomez Is ALL Over Justin Bieber On Romantic Valentine’s Day Date

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Selena Gomez is all over Justin Bieber on Valentine’s Day, plus she’s in a “healthier spot” post-rehab, but still trying convince her mom about the relationship.

Jelena’s V-day PDA is almost too cute for us to handle.

After spending a romantic weekend in Laguna Beach together, Justin and Selena celebrated Valentine’s Day over a quiet dinner at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel. In an adorable snap of the couple sharing dinner, Selena tenderly strokes Justin’s face, as he looks lovingly back at her. According to witnesses, at one point, Justin leaned over to give his lady a kiss.

The couple went to dinner after attending a church service together, and both kept things smart yet casual, with Selena wearing a black turtleneck dress and a blazer, and Bieber wearing tan pants, a jean jacket, and sneakers.

The pair have been spending plenty of quality time together, going on trips, doing pilate classes, and attending plenty of church services.

A source recently told Us Weekly that Justin has been nothing but supportive of Selena, especially since she left her recent rehab stint for health and wellness related to anxiety and depression in January. He’s been attending yoga and pilates classes with his girlfriend that QUOTE “help alleviate stress.”

The source also added QUOTE, “They always want to be open books and keep things real and honest…It’s helped reduce stress, and as a result, they’re in a much healthier spot.”

While Selena and Justin seem stronger than ever, they still reportedly haven’t gotten approval from Selena’s mom, Mandy. A source told Hollywood Life QUOTE, “Selena is still trying to convince her mom that Justin has changed for the better. There is still animosity there and her mum hasn’t turned a full leaf and accepted the relationship…It is certainly better but it seems it’s going to still take some time for her mum to change her thoughts on Justin.

The source also explained that Mandy Teefy is just in protective mom mode, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing for her to accept that Justin is good for Selena. I mean, that’s basically what any mom would do, so we can hardly blame her.

Alright guys now I wanna know what you think of Jelena’s romantic V-Day, and do you think it’s time for Mandy to accept the relationship, or do you think it’ll take a lot more time? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below, and after that click right over here to check out why some fans think Niall’s song, “On the Loose” is about Selena. Thanks so much for watching News Feed, and be sure to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. They’re dating! Ofc they’re all over each other! You call this news?! Ok can you update our private “normal” dating life too?! Seriously leave them alone

  2. Pathetic…they can't let it go, can't they? It'll be on until they're in their thirties. They'll come to their senses and forget about making a romantic relationship work shortly after hopefully. This is not a healthy relationship and they definitely need to stay as close, supportive friends.

  3. "No one has ever kissed on a date! Wow! People are spending time together! Wow!" That's basically what this is. You make it seem like A they were never dating

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