Save Oviya : Celebs show support | Bigg Boss Vijay TV Show | Robo Shankar, Venkat Prabhu

Kalavani star Oviya is garnering support by the masses. Even celebrities are outraged by other contestants Gayathri, Snegan and Namitha’s mean beahviour towards here. The likes of Sathish, Chinmayi, Suzu Kumar and more have voiced out their views, adding to the #SaveOviya campaign that’s raging on the Internet! Watch NOW!

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  1. Gem of a character Oviya. You have inspired a lot of people. Pls stay strong. We all support from that chameleons

  2. It's not money, fame r power…its only ur character, attitude n good heart keeps u on top…v all support OVIYA…from Bangalore

  3. Oviya ungaluku anba pesa yarum illanu eni, neenga nenaikka vendam. Ungalukaga Tamilnade eruku . Ungala matiri ponnu Anbu illama, kastapada kudaathunu tha god ungaluku entha opportunity kodithirukaar pola ….. Eppo ungalukaga naanga ellarum erukom ….. Don't Feel Oviya …. I love U …. You are my role model

  4. oru ponnuoonaa ippadiththaan irukkoanungarathukku ooviyaa thaan example.Oru ponnu eppadi irukkakkoodaathoongarathukku jooliyum raisaavum thaan example.VAAZHGA OOVIYAA.OVIYAATHAAN JAYIKKANUM

  5. we all will salute oviya and you already win in all our hart and with out you the show will be
    boring i thing so and you will have very good future

  6. #saveOviya: oviya needs to win dis game..and she s d one deserves for that.. by winning dis award she needs to teach lesson for everyone in d big boss house to how to behave ourself ..

  7. Oviya should definitely stay there in the house and should make everyone to ran from the house
    she should win Title
    We Support Oviya

  8. ஓவியா உன்னால் முடியும் வெற்றி நிச்சயம் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  9. peei event only Network is ghost. send her out. Do pooja to entire Vijay tv for kayathiri in big boss house. it is you only allow her to say. we thought of shutting up vijay tv channel.

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