Salman Shah Was Killed not Suicide?? Bangladeshi Media Viral News | Celebrity News

Bangladeshi superhero Salman Shah was Suicided many years ago, but it was not suicide claimed by Rubi. Rubi said, her husband and Samirar’s family killed Salman Shah by her brother. Rubi is now in danger also. He said, he can prove it that, Salman Shah was Killed, He did not suicide.Once Bangladeshi hero Salman Shah was no one is Bangla film industry, salman shah movies was very successful in that time. Salman shah Shabnur and Salman Shah Moushumi was the best sweet couple in the Bangla film. All of the Salman Shah movie songs is till top listed. Salman Shah Bangla movie was the history. But after all his popularity, ‘he got suicide’? Is it mith? Now Rubi said, He was killed by Rubis Chinees Husband and her Brother.
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