Rita Ora REVEALS She’s Bisexual In New Song “Girls” With Cardi B, Bebe Rhexha & Charli XCX

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Summer of 2018’s version of “Bang Bang” is here and it’s a bop.

Rita’s new song is called “Girl’s” and according to the singer, the song QUOTE – “…represents freedom and the chance to be what you want to be— and there being no judgment and just living your life as you want to live it. That’s what this song represents to me every time I hear it.” In her opening verse, Rita celebrates her bisexuality singing – “I am excited, I’m open-minded / I’m 50/50, and I’m never gonna hide i.” Have a listen:

When asked by People magazine what message Rita hopes people take away from the song she said QUOTE – “For me, I always looked at this song as a real gender-fluid freedom record. I never looked at it as, ‘Only females can listen to it’ or ‘Only males can listen to it:’ It’s for everybody. It really represents freedom and the chance to be what you want to be — and there being no judgment and just living your life as you want to live it.”

Naturally with the chorus being “I just want to kiss girls”, comparisons have been made to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” which Rita says is one of her favorite songs. She told the magazine QUOTE – “It was really inspired by one of my favorite songs: “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry. That was the first song anyone heard of Katy Perry’s, and it was just such a statement; it was so fun. I wanted to do something that was in that lane.”

Rita actually wrote “Girl’s” two years ago with her team but never really thought her peers would want to jump on it so she shelved it. Fast forward to present day and not only did she get her good friend Charli XCX to be on the song, she also scored Bebe Rexha and Cardi B. Cardi was the first to put a verse on the track, followed by Charli and then Bebe. Due to everyone’s differing schedules, they all recorded separately and even shot separately for the upcoming music video. In fact scheduling was so tight that the only time to film Cardi’s part was the day after the Met Gala. Rita got a green screen in her hotel room and they knocked out Cardi’s part in thirty minutes.

That’s dedication right there. What do you guys think about Rita’s new song? Sound off in the comment section below, then click right over here to watch a new episode of What the Flavor. Also don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see next time.

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  1. I don't get why this is news. Who gives a shit. You are who you are and no should care accept you. This is 2018 we are way past this.

  2. Guys she was in relationship with cara for 1 year qeerbaiting is bad as doubting someone's sexuality.I am bisexual and being bisexual sometimes can be a confusing thing.

  3. I think the song is a bop apart from the red wine part cause if you are bi/pan/gay/queer you don't need wine

  4. I love Charlie xcx so much. Lets enjoy that song which is Fire ❤❤ lets respect and love each other.

  5. Yeah no this song is trash and I’ll defend that statement for life. It’s a huge stereotype talking about red wine and being intoxicated to kiss girls and Cardi’s verse about scissoring like I’m sorry but as a member of the lgbt+ community it sucks knowing the world hasn’t moved past these bullshit ideas of how bisexuals and lesbians live.

  6. I was expecting Bang Bang but it just wasn't? It's not too much of a bop and while I adore Cardi B and I fully believe the intention wasn't to fetishise lesbian relationships I just found this cheap tbh

  7. Also Clevver News, I know you support whatever is coming out of the media so long as other people favour it but c'mon guys..

  8. She literally said in an interview that she doesn’t label herself bisexual. And honey bisexuality isn’t fifty fifty 🙂

  9. Katy perry sais she regrets writing I kissed a girl because it has some homophobic lyrics so honey I don’t think Girls is all that innocent and supporting us gay/bi women

  10. i’m so sorry but if you’re gonna do a song about being bi sexual please please do it with Kehlani

  11. I know people are getting offended by the lyrics, but we all know what she means. No need to drag it out.

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