Ridiculous DEMANDS Of Famous Celebs

10 Times Famous People Went Too Far!

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They’re famous, they’re loaded and, if we’re being honest, they all have their diva moments. After all, it’s almost impossible to find a celebrity who hasn’t let fame and fortune get to their heads. Before you know it they’re treating everyone around them like second-class citizens, reminiscent of something from the film The Devil Wears Prada. So just how does this diva complex manifest itself? Well, we usually see it in any number of ways. There’s the way they treat their assistants, the rider demands they make for public appearances and shows or just the over-the-top contract requests that can get insane pretty quickly. If you need a little more detail then stick around and let TheRichest fill you in on the ridiculous demands of everyone from sports figures to pop stars.

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  1. This is old news with new stars. They just want to put on the best show. Can anyone remember what band wouldn't let green M&M's back stage?

  2. I remember when celebrities were non political. The rich morons have turned SJW to the point that I won't watch any award shows. They spew hatred towards our way of life and try to force their communist ideology on us. I say screw all of them.

  3. SUB-TIT-LES please…. You have great channel , great content , but think those who can't understand English well or deaf people! You used to have , why did you stop?

  4. Wealth, and fame = delusional personality disorder but, these types of people are preset mentally to be what they became, fame only allowed them to act it out and get away with it. Mariah Carey is one of the worst. When the bullets and bombs start flying these people will be the first to run screaming and crying. But no one will care about their mental disorder!

  5. The higher up the list the more stuff you get. I think if you are very talented, you let that speak for you. The more ridiculous demands are, the less talented you are?

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