Ram Charan Reaction On Actress Sri Reddy || Actress Sri Reddy Latest News | Tollywood Celebrity News

Ram Charan Reaction On Actress Sri Reddy || Actress Sri Reddy Latest News | Tollywood Celebrity News. Watch this video for more details.

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  1. veellu just twittes maatrame chestaaru …justice jarigelaa evvaru cheyyaru…idi telsukondi public dudes

  2. Looks like he is nice person but why cant he say that in front of Camera ? he is appeared to be better than his father and so called relative PK .

  3. charan chepindi nijame ela cinema indsri lo jarugutndi akkade kadhu anni place lo jarugu tundi…sri reddy mana telugu valla andari gurinchi chestunna poratam pakka rastram heroins telugu vallu lera comedins gundalu ..entha mandi leru..

  4. Charan cheppinattu video undha adhi pettandi apudu nammutham…. Ohhhh mi paatiki miru creat cheyadam kadhu live pettandi k…..

  5. sri reddy nee mental condition not good . she is not correct she won't get single cinema chance. vijayakumar

  6. Ram charan is good .bit sri reddy such a cheap women doing bad things for getting chances .kick her out of industry

  7. Sri reddy.if u did.this kind of work.u never get chance in fimlss. Show ur talent .acting .that time ur getting chance

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