Racist Road Rage Construction Worker Follows Black Man Home And Calls Him Slurs

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. White supremacist and Nazi are all thru the Americas and Europe Russia. They even blame white people for their ignorance and hateful ways. Just in USA it's blacks that are targeted by them the most because in part America has its history excusing that type of behavior by them towards black. But this generation is calling there butts out.

  2. Now he when was interviewed he showed no regret. Now he's backtracking because his business is suffering meaning he lost his business he's not truly sorry he's just sorry he's not making any money

  3. You guys need to give You tuber Tommy Sotomayor donkey of the day because he ridicules and disrespects black women.

  4. it don't matter what she did or didn't do it don't give you the right to talk to that lady the way you did pal, the only rude person I see I is you , treat everyone as you expect to be treated, its nice to be important but its more important to be nice…. I get that the world is in a shit place right now with our leaders raging war over fossils and acting out like children in a playground, but don't take a leaf from their book take a leaf from your own book be better, don't judge people just learn to love and respect mon…

  5. White man follow him home that would have been gift for me. That brotha had a change to use the I fear for my life card chance of a life time.

  6. Well i feel that black man should have fucked his white ass up..clear ppl are getting bold and will not stop until they are dealt with..point blank period

  7. He owns his own business, he's not a "worker", this racist bourgeois identity politics only help our class enemy (the capitalists of all colors). Stop blurring the class reality with this fake race shit, this fascist filth is not a worker! And race politics are not working class politics!

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