Pete Davidson REVEALS Exactly How He Proposed To Ariana Grande

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It was just a few months ago that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson revealed that they were dating and just last month that we all found out that they were engaged. Even though it took a little time for them to officially confirm the rumors, Pete Davidson has finally revealed exactly how he proposed. Let’s just say we weren’t surprised. So Pete was doing a standup performance in New York at A.V. Zogg Middle School to support a local charity and Carly, one of the attendees tweeted QUOTE, “I just went to see Pete Davidson do stand up and he said he proposed to Ariana while he was smoking weed in bed.”
Of course fans had so many questions, but when fan said, “Why is he always dropping Ari’s name in his stand up routines? Such a clout chaser.” Well Carly responded saying, “He actually never mentioned her in his routine! He did a Q and A session at the end and my friend asked him how he proposed :)”
Welp, there you have it folks. You know every proposal is different. Who knows if that’s actually how he proposed. Even though it was during a Q&A, he is still a comedian so he could’ve been joking. But if that is really how it happened, then that is one of the chilliest celebrity proposals ever. Like literally. They were in bed chilling. Anyway, now I want to know what you think. Do you think that Pete really proposed to Ariana while he was smoking weed in bed or do you think he was just joking. Let us know in the comments below and then click right over here to see another new video. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. You can find me on Instagram @emileennisjr! Thanks for hanging with me here on Clevver news and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels below and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. I really hope that’s not how he proposed. Ari is such a goddess that if he proposed in bed smoking weed, well that’s just embarrassing

  2. Betta not be smoking weed in bed. With ariana. She just got out of a dick hole relationship like that. What is wrong is how media does this drama. Aggravating.

  3. When you need to suck up to a celeb you call it "chill" but when it's some plain jane and averga ejoe it's most definitely "unacceptable" and "disrespectful" and "racist" and "homohopbic" and whatever crap they need to suck up to in their personal lives.

  4. I love Ariana. I just cannot fathom how she was JUST in a relationship with Mac and then break up and go straight to Pete and get engaged? Umm cheating vibes??? Not hating just seeing what Clevver is making me see

  5. I think he’s joking, buuutt if it’s true then Ariana is fucking stupid for settling for such an awful proposal.

  6. Their entire relationship has been very fast paced and seemingly "go with the flow" so it makes sense if the actual proposal was that way as well. I highly doubt it was this big and romantic planned out experience. I'm not saying that in a negative way either, it's just not surprising that their actual proposal was a spur of the moment and relaxed type of thing.

  7. Wow ! Talk about prince charming. Boy , yeah I would shout that one from the roof tops nothing says commitment more then getting laid and high ….yeah ! Your a keeper !

  8. K great now imma try and propose to her in wait nvm I've never even met her or know where she is so this is useless…I thought news was supposed to be useful

  9. Omfg can’t you guys just let her be happy she loves him he loves. Her who the fuck cares if the got engaged too early fuck

  10. I think he was just joking who knows he actually is getting a lot of hate front the Arianators and he could have probably anted to find a way out of this relationship so he doesn't get anymore hate its what I'm believing now i know Pete and he wouldn't just randomly have that ring and have it done 2 weeks before Like really? please tell me you think the same thing i do..

  11. Wow well I'm just gonna act like I feel okay of this because truly I don't but if she's happy I'm happy do I agree with how he proposed, NO!! But like I said before if she's happy I'm happy

  12. The fact that ari dropped mac miller for doing drugs and his addiction just to go to another crack head is honestly really confusing.

  13. Who cares if he was smoking weed or standing on his head ! They are making the biggest deal about this and Pete is just laughing away!

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