Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes

Oprah Winfrey receives the Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Seth Meyers hosts the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. The three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season, with winners in 25 categories – 14 in film and 11 in television.

Oprah Winfrey Receives Cecil B. de Mille Award at the 2018 Golden Globes

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  2. The "truth" is the Truth. There is no my truth , their truth or your truth. That's when its an opinion. Someone please give this woman a dictionary.

  3. I hoping to come to the comment section to find some kind and heartwarming comments instead almost all the comments were people trying to pick out negatives form something so positive, uplifting and beautiful

  4. I think that these political speeches that are THEE TREND now at award shows— which I don’t watch, but hear about— are becoming more and more frequent because celebs are realizing how fake their world is. It’s no longer enough to just stand up there, say thank you for the award for this, that or the other thing (aka acting in a movie…) so, now they feel the absolute NEED to get political and make speeches out of their political options (aka, the situations actually affecting REAL people, living in the REAL world.) They know now that they’re not untouchable and that we see through their fake world, including award shows, so they have to make and/or keep themselves with it, hip and RELEVANT by addressing real— and often times, “real”— issues via this massively public podium. It’s both lame and desperate at the same time.

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  6. Good speech, but gives praise to the press and to the many in Hollywood that could have exposed this casting couch mentality anytime in at least the past 40 years. All well known stuff.

  7. Hah, Oprah is a joke and a bad joke and tells a story about you American people. I mean: how stupid are you?

  8. I will to 100% use this to my homework like Oprah is such a big inspiration for me and such a strong and powerful women I love her so much and that speech was incredible

  9. Oprah and Harvey Weinstein need i say more…..hollywood a Cesspool of pedophilia and molestation sexual abuse etc etc….NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS!! QUESTION EVERYTHING!!

  10. I don‘t get what the problem is that some people (mostly men ) have with these kinds of speeches… There are one 100% people who take it too far and generalize all (white) men and that‘s as racist and sexist and dumb as generalizing women or blacks for example. But in my opinion she didn‘t do this at all! The only reason why she highlighted white men at all is because they always held and still hold the most power. That‘s just a fact and doesn‘t mean that you as a white man should feel as if you have been called out!

  11. Within seconds goes to race. Are we the same? Are we equal? NO. Not until we stop dividing ourselves. Racist sexist hypocrite since day 1

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