North Korean defector is a fan of Girls Generation | Celebs Celebrate ThanksGiving

Taeyang might be leaving BigBang. tvN’s new variety show, ‘Livin’ the Double Life’ aired its first episode on November 23 featuring Taeyang, the award winning star shared and also showed concerns that their ‘Last Dance Tour’ could really be the last. sources tells us that He also stated, “I always miss the Big Bang members. Even talking about them at this moment makes me miss them.”

North Korean defector is a fan of Girls’ Generation. sources tells us that A 24-year-old North Korean soldier who defected to the South is a big fan of Girls’ Generation.

Earlier this month, a North Korean soldier with the surname Oh made headlines when he dramatically escaped North Korea to cross the DMZ. The video released looks like a scene out of an action movie. The North Korean soldier was shot multiple times near the DMZ line and was rushed to the hospital When Oh regained consciousness he stated that he came to South Korea of his own free will.

Lee Cook Jong said he talked to Oh a lot and especially about music. The hospital staff played music videos by Girls’ Generation for him and he enjoyed listening to K-pop songs. His favorite song from Girls’ Generation is “Gee.”

It was also revealed that Oh asked, “Is IU the same age as me?” So it appears he knew about IU while he was in North Korea.

in foreign new. celebs took to their twitter handle to share their excitement about thanksgiving, even the former and present POTUS were not left behind as Barack Obama shared a lovely photo with his family.

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