Nick Crompton Reveals Jake Paul’s Dad ABUSED Team 10 Members

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By now you’ve probably heard that Jake Paul’s Team 10 has lost three members this week, with COO Nick Crompton leaving the group, as well as member Chance Sutton, and engineer Drake Rehfeld. While Chance and Drake’s departure statements seemed to lean on the amicable side, Nick Crompton revealed that his reason for leaving the group was due to internal changes being made within the various businesses that he didn’t agree with. While he kept things vague in his statement, he’s not being so vague now.

Greg Paul, the dad of Jake and Logan Paul, has reportedly completely taken over Jake and Logan’s businesses, and he after Nick’s departure he tweeted QUOTE, “BUSINESS 101. If anyone has an issue with an internal business audit, there is usually a reason why and no matter what an opinion might state, the fact is that 2+2 = 4.”

This tweet prompted Nick to Tweet a response, in which he wrote QUOTE, “But nobody had an issue with you auditing? People had issue with being verbally abused, watching their coworkers be fired around them and not being kept in the loop. Business 101, communication. Everytime you publicly post to try make myself or the team look bad, I will respond.”

The accusation that Greg was verbally abusive to Team 10 members and employees was also echoed by YouTuber Keemstar on the channel DramaAlert. He also reported that the reason for Team 10’s recent flurry of departures was due to how Greg was running the business. He explained QUOTE, “Jake Paul’s father, known as Greg Paul, has completely taken over Jake Paul and Logan Paul’s businesses, and he’s planning to do a merger with the two…Nick Crompton absolutely hates Greg Paul. Apparently Greg Paul doesn’t know how to act. He’s calling people ‘whores’ and ‘c**t’ and derogatory terms at work.”

If that’s true than that DEFINITELY counts as verbal abuse. We’ll just have to wait and see if Greg or the Paul brothers respond to Nick’s tweet.

As of now, no other former or current members of Team 10 have commented on the verbal abuse accusations, but the way this week has been going for the vlogging incubator, we’re guessing this story is not going away anytime soon.

So what do you guys think about Nick’s accusations against Jake and Logan’s dad? Do you think there will be more departures from Team 10, and how do you feel about the brothers merging their companies? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below, and after that click right over here to check out our newest episode of our cooking show, What the Flavor. And be sure to hit that subscribe button for more Clevver News! I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr., thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Is it bad that I don’t care. Team 10 all seem like such arseholes. Like, i want to care but who gives a fuck about anything the Paul brothers are involved with

  2. YouTube should just shut the channels down but I guess ethics go out the window when they are your cash cow

  3. Jake paul is a retard sorrry jake paulers hes a rude piece of but really his rudw to every one in team 10 but guess what team 10 also sucks i wasnt suprised when team 10 members started leaving but who am i to judge its my opinion

  4. The way their father acts I won't be surprised if he soon gets charged with rape, assault or sleeping with an under age girl. I am pretty sure within a year that creepy Fu*k will be charged with one of the charges I mentioned, who knows maybe he will get charged with all three at one time.

  5. Nick Crompton. The guy who sexually harasses people is complaining about abuse? All those people are just trash.

  6. Greg is a fucking idiot ..I hope he makes them go bankrupt…nobody in there right mind will wanna work with his stupidity…Jake and Logan were obnoxious enough …it's gonna be a shit show..get your

  7. In the background it looks like you are in prison and bro come on we don't want to see those scrawny arms

  8. Father looks like the biggest money whore lol he’s thinking about the future but fuck em FUCK ALL THE PEOPLE WITH THE LAST NAME OF PAUL

  9. I guess alissa was right…. Ogan and Jakes dad is a creep he kissed some girl who was like 20 on one of jakes videos

  10. I watched a video of his after finding out what was going on and I am pretty sure kade and his brother left to cause his brother is not the camera man anymore

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