NEW Crystal Liu Yifei Mulan promo pics [Chinese Celebrity News]

NEW Crystal Liu Yifei Mulan promo pics [Chinese Celebrity News]

On the back of the recent casting announcement of Crystal Liu Yifei as the new Mulan
Disney Movies updated their Weibo with some promo shots that were taken earlier this year
and they look awesome!
Crystal also posted on Weibo, saying “Still remember the audition scene,
I love Mulan’s courage and fearlessness
Thank you Disney for trusting me
I will go all out!
P.S. movie fans and online friends, I really like the picture you created”
When congratulated by Disney Movies on her casting
Crystal simply posted, “Use hard work to repay”

Summer Breeze by Tobu & Kelvin James

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  7. her intimidating looks and personality aswell as her gleaming skin color doesn't match as mulan,
    disney could've choose a korean actress like kim so-hyun or park shin-hye

  8. For those people commenting against her, you have only probably have seen her in Forbidden Kingdom which is a great movie, but probably the hate came from boring Outcast movie Nicolas Cage which was really pathetic, but Liu has been doing fantasy films for more than a decade now in China and she has a singing portfolio too. look up for Return of the condor heroes and Chinese Paladin… and my other choices are Jian Ting, Angelababy, Dilreba, Zhao LiYing

  9. JACKIE CHAN…you are known to.involve foreign actors and actresses…in your movies, which is a good move…but you also need to give major roles to Chinese ethnic minority actresses, such as dilireba and guli nazha and others..

  10. AND…once again, WHITE American producers doesn't want to hire STARVING American Asian actors for films. America continues to get foreigners to speak broken/bad English

  11. That's PERFECT casting! Now for the male lead, I would personally pick from:

    1) Dou Xiao/ Shawn Dou
    2) Godfrey Gao
    3) Han Dong Jun/ Elvis Han
    4) Mark Chao

    Anyone agrees?

  12. Please don't sexualize Mulan. This actress seems good enough but I hope there is good acting and fighting scenes instead of model poses.

  13. Here's something I never quite understood: If the legend of Mulan posits that she was able to disguise herself as an imperial soldier which consisted of men only, wouldn't that mean that Mulan should have had more masculine features in order to properly conceal herself? An extremely beautiful woman that dresses to look like a man would still be immediately noticed and discovered. It isn't easy for one gender to look like another especially back then with diet and body type being major differences. Therefore, my conclusion is that the historical Mulan probably did not look like Liu Yifei but was in fact a bit huskier and had less feminine features and bone structures than the way actresses look today. I picture Mulan to be more similar to a female wrestler or basketball player than a supermodel. This would be the only way in which she could convincingly blend into the imperial army for that many years.

  14. Wait were those shots for
    The actual movie or just like testing it out. Because it looks like they’re turning it into mortal combat instead of Mulan. Like it doesn’t look realistic to Mulans time period

  15. I don't think Mulan should be played by Yifei, there is a better chinese female acter that plays better as a cheerful, funny character. As for Liu Yi, she seems more like a romantic quiet obedient type of woman which is not in character. Ariel Lin would be a better cast.

  16. Mulan fits every dream of female of new generation, she shows how powerful a woman could be, just like men, she can fight, she can lead, and she can do anything she wants. She is the only princess in Disney princesses that doesn't lean on help of the "prince", and that's why she is appeared more popular than other princesses, especially popular for female. She is a legend in China, and everyone is happy to hear this news. Hope she succeeds.

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