Michael Wolff: You Should Believe All Of ‘Fire And Fury’

‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ author Michael Wolff takes Stephen through some of the biggest bombshells of his bestseller.

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Written by Jennifer

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  1. Trump was the bigger of two evils with Hillary would we have a crazy fucknut who tweets insanity and spends like a drunken sailor

  2. Dry mouth and nothing substantial That's disturbing .Mate better be sure about yourself, don't taste fire and fury yourself

  3. I like how Colbert said at the end “I look forward to the tapes”. No matter what side you’re on we should be making sure the allegations are true. If he has the tapes, he should release them.

  4. We all know tump allready by now. And we also know he is capable of doing and saying such stupid things. No doubt about it.

  5. It's weird that this guy can write a book but can barely string a word together. Seems to be just digging a hole of bad descriptions of why we should buy his book. FDT though.

  6. Why doesn't Michael Wolff release the recordings? The answer is simple. They are his insurance.
    Once they are released the Trumpublican Conspiracy will know what propaganda they need to push to try to discount the information recorded, and who they will need to get rid of, either by firing or by "accident."
    By the way, if you want to talk about a guy who is surrounded by "accidental deaths," then check out Trump's history. From the three high-level employees, mainly executive-level managers, of his casinos who died in a "helicopter accident" at just the time when the feds were investigating his casinos for money laundering for the Russian Mob in Atlantic City, (all of whom had reputations as lawful sorts and might have been ready to testify against Trump's money laundering scheme) to the weirdly high "accidental death" rate of those who file lawsuits against Trump and his businesses, Trump is directly involved in a LOT of fatal "coincidences" that seem to be, statistically, far too many.
    Also, so long as Wolff keeps the recordings safe and unreleased, he is far less likely to die. For instance, they MIGHT be with someone who will release them if he is "accidentally" killed or dies under mysterious or unlikely circumstances. And they MIGHT be filled with a lot more intensely upsetting information than his book, which he naturally edited for National Security reasons. It makes perfect and very rational sense that he would not release any of the recordings. Anyone in his position needs some insurance to keep the Russian Mob from getting rid of him. The Russian Mob has been known as Putin's strong arm in the USA for decades now. And Putin wants his puppet in power for as long as possible.

  7. The problem here is that people actually give a damn what these two idiots even say America has much bigger problem than the president when these two idiots can make money off your stupidity

  8. The books is there to make the author money, nothing wrong with that, that's his bread and butter.

    Do MY broke ass need to run out and buy a copy? Do we really need a book to tell us what we already know? That Donald Trump is a nut fucking job?

    What? You don't believe your own eyes and ears?

  9. I want to see Ivanka in prison too (who is also in on it and the money laundering operation see Panama & Dubai – which would explain her going along on that Middle East tour). She is as stupid as Eric & Donnie J.R. and Jared. As phony as her nose and hair color. Her so called books are laughable.

  10. Yeah this guy's dodgy as fuck. Honestly most of his book is probably exaggerated. But is there anything more poetic than a pathological liar and slanderer like Trump being humiliated by a person who bends the truth?

  11. it's obvious that Stephen wants it all to be true but doesn't believe him not because of the subject matter, but because of how the information was gathered and compiled and the fact he isn't releasing the claimed tapes doesn't help his case.

  12. No tapes and you could tell even the host knows Wolff is lying. Even if some are true how can you really tell which one? I mean anyone can guess and use you biased judgment but it’s just your opinions at the end. Wolff made a lot of money off of President Trump. Shame on him but he knows how to get his his. Little old Weasel. Ha

  13. The whole book is fake, even Jake Tapper pointed out how the whole book is innacurate. And I voted for Obama and I didn't vote for Trump.

  14. There's not even a need to read the book, you see the type of awful person Trump is just by reading his tweets or listening to him speak. Trump's a fucking racist and a greedy bastard. That's all there is to it.

  15. Wolff's book is GREAT! A true picture into the chaos of trump's erratic and unpredictable behavior and what the mentally unstable President is really like. VERY SCARY!!!!!!! poor trump can't stand the TRUTH being told about him.

  16. So, there's no sourcing to this book, many of the things you present as fact in your book (Donald Trump somehow didn't know who John Boehner is, even though he golfed with him before, and Boehner did not resign in 2011, he resigned in 2016) are patently false, and you expect me to believe ALL of Fire and Fury? From a guy who has written works that been show to have been factually false before? Yeah, no thanks.

  17. His reasoning for not releasing the recordings doesn't really make any sense…. I really hate Trump but this dude also doesn't seem like the most moral guy.

  18. As a libertarian, I could care less about the latest puppet of the Khazarian fifth-column to occupy the Oval Office.

    With that said, this Khazarian interloper Wolff is not American and cannot speak for me and the rest of my fellow American countrymen.

    What is more, these Khazarian interlopers make up only 1.73% of the US' population.

    Not hate. Just unacceptable.

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