Meghan Markle’s New Faux Accent Has People Talking | TMZ TV

Can you hear it?!


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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  1. Over time she will probably develop a British accent due to the environment and then it will be authentic. I have been in Texas five years and I slip every now and then. A friend who visits family in Louisiana ALWAYS returns with that patois sound in her talk. It's just what happens.

  2. She’s part of the royal family…she has to act a certain way, her every move is watched. Get off her back

  3. She’s part of the royal family…she has to act a certain way, her every move is watched. Get off her back

  4. I don't think she has an accent. However, when you hang around a group of people for awhile…you tend to pick up attributes.

  5. Jeez she’s surrounded by this accent 24/7 OF COURSE her accent is going to be heavily influenced. Leave her alone

  6. Oh please people go to New York for one week and come back with that New Yorker accent. Obviously she’s gonna adapt to her environment we’re human it’s natural to adapt to your environment.

  7. It doesn’t sound British to me… but she could get it from being too much time in Britain, surrounded only by people who speak with that accent. It happens, you know? Also why would you care if she were faking it? If that makes her feel comfortable and she’s not damaging anyone then why do you care so much?

  8. What's so hard to understand? You live somewhere long enough and you develop some linguistic characteristics from those around you. It happened to me in New York where I'm from, then in philly in college. Now I'm in Virginia and I find myself slurring more. Uncultured swine. Lmao.

  9. No she's really trying to sound British. She's completly American with a strong American accent? I'm married to an American but the closest I come to try to mimic his accent is to make fun and he does the same back. She needs to stop trying to be someone she isn't. She needs to be proud to be an American in Britain. She didn't speak 'improper' to begin with so it's not like she was a big ol hillbilly who needed to change? I like her other than this fake crap

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