Meghan Markle’s Mom Doria Ragland Quits Her Job

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Meghan Markle’s mom quit her job just ahead of the royal wedding…

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  1. Meghan's mom seems so very sweet and humble and kind. Prince Charles was very very warm in his care of her and walking Meghan down the isle part way…gracious and warm. I was so touched by the obvious love and care that Prince William and Dutchess Kate show. it's so clear they are wonderful friends and love each other. I have never seen the warmth until this year. That's what made me cry–seeing they key people in Harry's life show so much love. to him and Meghan, as well as gracious warmth go her Mom. ThaT would create a model for peace in the world and does…so I hope they enjoy enjoy and do more good.

  2. I don’t see how she can now live a normal life. She is a kidnap target and needs round the clock protection.

  3. She's there to helped her daughter domestic duties. It's the planned of God Jesus our mediator. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen

  4. She did the right thing. Doria, not used to the paparazzi & being harassed so much. Doria is a wonderful Mother, you can see that by the way she has handled herself during all the lead up to the wedding.
    The Royal have taken her under their wing as much as they have Meghan, which is lovely to see.
    Personally, I'd love to see her move to England to be near her daughter. It is seen for all the love & respect the both have for each other. As Meghan has said 'she is my best friend'. Doria can still do her loved work in the UK, helping the aged & doing Yoga classes.
    Catherine's parents are still living a normal life & running their Business & I think Doria can do it too. Much love to them all.

  5. Was Doria wearing three-inch pencil heels? Across paver stones? At 61? I'm impressed! No wonder some of you trolls in the comments are so bitter. With your pigeon-toed flat feet and carrying 50 pounds of extra weight …

  6. Meghan gone make sure her mom never has to work again, as any loving daughter would if they marry into money or privledge! My mom would still be there right living next door believe that!! She can teach yoga and practice social work right from the royal quarters!☺

  7. Bottom line Doria had a lousy job. It paid about $50,000 – $55,000 not enough to even buy Burberry dress. Life with royals is much better option.

  8. You People are like uneducated children. It all looks good on the outside. You Prats were saying the same about Charles and Diana. They look so good together blah blah blah. How many Men have banged her? I would of wanted a more settled and Humble Wife than This.

  9. like mother, like daughter, rook in a rich husband and get your name in the papers, tells me something when dad's last name is half breeds name and mom has different name, meghan was and still is in the eyes of many just a spoiled little tramp who's goal is to be famous and rich and mommy taught her that or rich white daddy wouldn't be bankrupt now, not just megan, but mommy too had her hands in his pockets,

  10. What…the feminist left her "do good" job? It looks like all the life principles and philosophy went down the tubes

  11. She made a perfect descision,her daughter needs her and also she is on the age of her retirement.She did a great work as a socia worker she must rest know.God bless them

  12. Mrs Ragland is a classy attractive woman. I would have been extremely nervous in that situation yet she was very cool.

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