Lucy Hale REVEALS Which PLL Co-Star “Lie a Little Better” is About

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It’s been four years since Lucy Hale has released new music and we are not-so-patiently waiting for her to get back in the studio. Thankfully she has been keeping busy since the end of Pretty Little Liars and is starring on a brand new show called Life Sentence AND has a new movie coming out called Truth or Dare that is a far cry from Aria Montgomery.
We love seeing her succeed but we have our fingers crossed that she can take a break and release some new tunes sometime in the near future. Her first album, Road Between, is a country-pop mix and had some killer bops. One of the most popular songs on the album is “Lie a Little Better.”
When the song was first released, Lucy admitted that the song was about someone that she worked with on Pretty Little Liars that she had a massive crush on. The lyrics talk about not being able to think straight and having to lie about your feelings when you’re with the person, which totally makes sense to the situation because things can get super awkward when you work with your crush.
Back then Lucy didn’t admit which PLL-boy it was, but many people assumed it was Ian Harding, us included. Eventually Lucy gave us a little hint by saying that the boy’s name started with a D but there were still a few options to choose from and we weren’t completely sure about the identity of the crush.
After years of listening to the song and wondering who it’s about, Lucy finally gave in and told us the truth. Yesterday Lucy randomly tweeted out a picture of the song and said QUOTE “Y’all deserve the truth. This song was about Drew.” Drew as in Drew Van Acker, as in Jason DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars. Cue the freaking out.
Not only were PLL fans freaking out about the information, but Lucy’s co-workers were even expressing their shock. Keegan Allen, who played Toby Cavanaugh on the show, tweeted out a simple ‘mind-blown’ emoji in reply to the news and honestly we feel the same way.
Were you surprised about the song being inspired by Lucy’s crush on Drew or did you know all along? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see which PLL star Lucy reunited with over the weekend. I’m Renee Shafii, thanks for tuning in!

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  1. As soon as I heard "it's starts with a D" I was like, "it's DREW! HOLY FUCKIN SHIZZLE, ITS DREW!" They do look rather cute together, and did very much like his scruffy look in the last season.

  2. So weird like wtf. I'm scrolling here in Youtube and just see Lie a Little Better (3 years ago) and this video (1 day ago) De'javu af

  3. OH MY LORD! HOLY FUCK!!! That's so cute gosh. I love Ian and Lucy's friendship and I did love Ezria but I've always been more of a Jaria shipper… never thought Lucy talked much to Drew tho let alone had a freaking crush on him. Totally did not see this coming.

  4. they would be a cute couple but i don't think that would happen but i wish they did date in real life while the show was going

  5. Not really surprised. In one of the special features for the second season, she said he was the only actor that she got flustered around and basically called him a perfect looking human haha

  6. I was always disguted by Drew only cuz of Jaria and how there ARE people who ship them and the fact that Lucy had a crush on him makes me wanna puke

  7. Definitely knew already haha. She talked about her crush on him in the behind the scenes feature from the season he joined 🙂

  8. Whoa I thought it was Ian I know she did have a crush on him so it would make sense why does she always have a crush on a co worker

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