LPS: Celebrity Copycat || Short Film

Be yourself! 😀 Also I saw a few fellow LPStubers combine skits and unboxing (Jay Jay LPS, mlp fever, etc.) So I thought I’d give it a try!
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From YouTubes Audio Library.

Intro Animation Made By Lithium Lps –

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Written by Jennifer

Foodie, Volunteer, Systems Thinker, Social Entrepreneur, Baconator. Born at a very young age.

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  1. Hey honey it’s been a long time along time hasn’t it? Sorry I haven’t been around it’s just kinda complicated at home lately. Can I have some advice on what to do at home cause I’m always bored?

  2. I’m Australian too! 😀
    Also cool unboxing video! I like this new style! The skit was great too!

  3. When I saw the tomato ketchup I started thinking about eating ketchup alone. I have been gagging for the past 10 minutes now.

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