Logan Paul wanted by POLICE – The REAL reason Camila Cabello won’t talk about Fifth Harmony

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Liam Payne & Rita Ora drop their brand new song for Fifty Shades Freed, Camila Cabello spills why she won’t talk about Fifth Harmony drama, and Logan Paul is wanted by the police. All that and more on today’s rundown!

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  1. Are u sure its illegal to post dead body's?!?! cause I see documentaries of dead bodies on youtube and a doc about the suicide forest and they show a dead body. So you saying that is false XD lol Its like yall are new to youtube and not expecting anything abnormal on youtube XD idiot.

  2. But you can look up full slauter on prisoner's or war and animal abuse domestic violence bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu trippin over a dead body who took there life if you fill salty kill your self

  3. see i agree with what they are saying but obviously they never wanted the video he actually posted and don't​ get me wrong it was hella bad what he did but like come on u gotta know what ur talking abt

  4. with the Logan news the man who was with them who confirmed it was a guide in the other video he posted about being rude to Japanese people and culture the guide had to apologise for them to the police when they were kicked out of a shrine.

  5. I feel like Bruce really died. Bruce LOVED the Kardashian girls, he raised them for like 15-20 years and when Caitlyn came around she totally changed the game, SHE'S A BITCH she talks shit about the Kardashians …. they're his daughters like wtf … he talks shit about Kris … she even talked shit about Kendall (HIS BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER) like Caitlyn pls fucking die we want Bruce back (or at least his atittude)

  6. It's over 1 year that Camila left the group. She is happy. They are happy. They don't want to talk about Camila and she doesn't want to talk about them either. I'm sick of the Camila and Fifth harmony drama. Camila said that 2017 was the best year of her life and the girls are so happy and are doing great. They all slay. They all are amazing. So get it with it and let them ALONE.

  7. Really doesn't mean anything I've lived with my step dad for 15 years and probably could fit every word I've ever said to him on a half sheet of paper

  8. What is up with the lady with the bun on her head it looks like she needs to go home and take a nap either that or she smoke too much

  9. this is going way to far on the whole Logan Paul drama like common people first of all YouTube ones to punishment him now wanted by cops common it just ONE sample mistake like u Don,t need all This fucking drama at all just give him a punishment and we could move on u people want to take this way tp far just fo r a damn mistake ….

    and common tell me where in the law where it saying u get arrested by video a body and calling a cop for it like if u go on YouTube u can see plenty of found a body video other than Logan Paul so u fucking bitchs stop your hating because oder people YouTube videos are about dead body and shit like that and more of it

    stop ur hate and let's move on we don't need cops because there's no fucking rule in the law book that said that u get arrested for posting a dead body on YouTube and if Logan Paul gets arrested then all the oder people that post dead body's will have yo go to jail with him because he ain't the only on that is doing it ….

  10. Bitch, Cameltoe left because she wanted a solo career. She was never once thinking about the girls, only herself. She’s an attention seeker and I could care less if anyone disagrees. Hoe just did an interview wanting sympathy, after months she had to wait until now to get more album sales. It could make the charts but that still doesn’t change her from being a snake. Talking about "I don’t wanna ruin the dream of Fifth Harmony" well look at you now, talking shit. Saying the vma performance was petty when it was just honesty, if anything is petty, it’s you.

  11. I'm having a hard time understanding what they are saying. It's like they are sluring the words. Maybe it's just me. ( I doubt it) Paul Logan is an idiot.

  12. I want Camila to write a book about her life and career when she is older. Not just because I want to know about her experiences in 5H, but because she is such a role model for me and I would love the possible insight into her life.


  14. Really not post dead bodys in youtube NIGGA there are some famous youtubers that have found dead bodys and logan is the one that is going to be ruined

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