List of Celebrities Who Died In JUNE 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News)

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List of Celebrities Who Died In JUNE 2018 | Latest Celebrity News 2018 (Celebrity Breaking News)

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This Is a Middle of This Year, And we’ve already lost Many stars In This 2018. In This List, There Are Many Young Celebrity And Many Legend Who Died So Early. 19 Celebrities Who Died In JUNE 2018. Here is a list of celebrities who died in June 2018.

🔷 List of Celebrities Who Are No More With Us:

Celebrity Name: Danny Kirwan
Date Of Death: June 8, 2018

Celebrity Name: Neal E. Boyd
Date Of Death: June 10, 2018

Celebrity Name: D. J. Fontana
Date Of Death: June 13, 2018

Celebrity Name: Georgann Johnson
Date Of Death: June 4, 2018

Celebrity Name: Leslie Grantham
Date Of Death: June 15, 2018

Celebrity Name: Martin Bregman
Date Of Death: June 16, 2018

Celebrity Name: XXXTentacion
Date Of Death: June 18, 2018

Celebrity Name: Big Van Vader
Date Of Death: June 18, 2018

Celebrity Name: Jimmy Wopo
Date Of Death: June 18, 2018

Celebrity Name: Sophie Gradon
Date Of Death: Not Yet Published

Celebrity Name: Vinnie Paul
Date Of Death: June 22, 2018

Celebrity Name: Carlos Lopez Jr
Date Of Death: June 24, 2018

Celebrity Name: Joe Jackson
Date Of Death: June 27, 2018

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  1. TY very well done, some of the actors/actresses would most likely be skipped at the Oscar, in memorial segment. last 4-5 years they "trim" down the list

  2. Are these all American celebrities?!
    If so, it would be nice if the title of the video made that clear.

  3. Joe Jackson was an evil, evil man! I'm glad he's gone where he can't hurt anyone anymore! Sorry for his family, though.

  4. "Gunshot" for Lopez. It was self-inflicted. Why not be straightforward and put suicide? You listed it for others.

  5. Everytime I look on YouTube, I see celebrities who passed away this month? There was a song by Don Henley call Dirty Laundry. People have a fascination when other people pass and it's strange. Keep helping the ones you love. .

  6. Until the Lord Jesus Christ return we will die so let us all live in peace no matter what gender or race death is appointed unto everyone.

  7. How about a list of people that really matter like American soldier's. Cause I could careless about any of the people.

  8. Why can’t there be a running tally of daily deaths of everyone so that everybody gets recognized why does everybody like to point out just the celebrities or the top officials like they’re more important than anybody else, really!

  9. To all the talented folks in this clip who passed away, RIP. My condolences to all the families 🙁

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