Kylie Jenner Hosting FIRST Public Appearance At Coachella Since Baby

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Kendall and Kylie jenner head to Coachella as Kylie makes her first public appearance since giving birth to Stormi. This episode is brought to you by NHTSA reminding us that if you’re texting you’re not driving.

I wonder if she’ll spill any tea on Tristan. I hate that I’m dying to know more.

While Khloe is stuck in a Cleveland hospital, aching to return home to LA, but at least in the company of her new baby girl, Kourney, Kendall and Kylie all took off in a private jet and have just landed in Indio California, the location of the infamous Coachella festival. Kylie posted this pic to her Instagram on Friday afternoon with the caption “the wind you guys, is this necessary?” as her best friend Jordyn Woods, Kourtney and her are all seen posing outside of their jet facing the strong winds. Kendall is not in the pic but she’s reportedly on her way to the desert to join her two sisters. And that’s not all. On Friday the girls are hosting a private Coachella bash where Diplo and Bieber’s ex Chantel Jeffries will both be spinning.

The party is actually a celebration of the launch of Jenner’s new makeup collection, KOURT X KYLIE, and well as the launch of Kendall’s new radio show- Pizza Boys Radio on Beats 1. Lots to celebrate for the fam, despite the Tristan drama. And though Kylie and Kendall are NO strangers to throwing Coachella parties, this will be Kylie’s first time hosting one or even attending the festival as a new mom. And judging from her pics, baby Stormi is NOT in the building. Now, if Kylie, Kendall and Kourt are at Coachella, and kris, Kim and Khloe are in Cleveland, then where in the world is Stormi and who’s taking care of her? Maybe Travis Scott is parenting solo while his GF takes a party break? Whatever works. Anyway, let me know what you think about Kylie’s first Coachella post baby. I can’t wait for all the outfits. And please follow me on my socials because reading your comments is what I like to do at 1am when I’m not Netflix binging. So follow me and give me something to read @Miriamisa or on Instagram @Miriam_isa. I’m Miriam Isa and see you guys soon!

Click left to see what Cardi B did to make Nicki Minaj cry. Or click right to hear what Tristan Thompson’s mistress has to say. This episode was brought to you by NHTSA reminding us that if you’re texting you’re not driving.

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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for watching this video! If you like my 'Fact Checker' shirt and want your own (you know, cuz #FakeNews) it's from @urshirtingme on Insta. New company. Cute shirts. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! -Miriam (TW: @Miriamisa IG: @Miriam_isa)

  2. Im just got to say, i know they're best friends but damn Jordan never leaves that girls side. Geesh,is Jordan the baby daddy? JS

  3. You must remember the Kylie Jenner is only 20 so she still has mentality of a 20 year old with lots of money just like Chloe lost her mind and had a baby by a 26 year old millionaire who is just maturing and her family is all about staying relevant and that's about it and making money no substance no character no nothing money money money a very soon they will be kicked off The Block and the only thing I care about is having babies by random men and stealing their friends boyfriends that says a lot about their character

  4. Travis is taking care of Stormi probably blowing up Kylies phone like all men do when their ladies arent around to give them help.

  5. I dont get people, I know everybody is like "mind your own business, leave her live her life" shit, but mfs excusing her poor quality of motherhood by saying "she can't stay home taking care of her child all day" or "she is human too", if you were in that world and you knew they got lots of money to ENJOY IT WITH THEIR KID, would you rather be going out and letting your kid say "mom" to other woman or would you spend your money on your kid and take care of her/him, which not everybody is lucky enough to have?

  6. This is somewhat cool
    She just had a baby yet she still went to coachella and partied
    Other moms would be too busy taking care of there baby I bet a lot of new moms now wish they were like Kylie

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