Kumawood Actress Xandy Kamel reveals how much she is in love with Akrobeto’s big nose


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  1. I think it enough please you guys should end on him and talk something different women are something else

  2. She doesn't care if she damages her image, she's just looking to be famous at any cost even if it will cost her her image. She's too desperate.

  3. Lmao she said she never dated a married man before but the man she indirectly mentioned is married so she is lying, she is just trying to save herself from insults. She doesn't want to stain her image.

  4. This girl will one day regret herself for saying these things on media wen she later got married. she even let Kofi Adoma on Kofitv fondled her breast openly.

  5. This girl also ahoyehyɛ. She's always tagging and wishing Nigerian male and female celebrities happy birthday on Instagram, but they don't even respond to her.

  6. Vibes in 5 with Arnold, u at very smart.I like, love and appreciate u,I always followed ur channel, watching to see the video u dropped.I dey feeeeeel u.

  7. Kumawood should be careful with this lady. I am so sad that she is using the name movie industry in Ghana .

  8. I know Ghanaian ladies are very decent and respected in Africa but I wonder this lady is saying these things on platform like this. I think professional journalist in Ghana will do interviews that will speak good of Ghana not such interviews.

  9. I think we can't make any collaboration with Ghanaian movie industries because the Characters are so indecent because of this interview and the one I watched where her breast played by another journalist . Is that what your characters do ?

  10. Anold is a smart guy,he literally tricked the girl to reveal the married man she dated b4, in the industry, through some of his questions he asked her,and immediately I made the background checks and I realised it's bill asamoah who was eating this poor unintelligent girl,shame.

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