Kathua Case: From Akshay Kumar To Karan Johar, Celebs Demand #JusticeForAsifa

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  2. Shame on india, shame on your humanity, shame on your govt and police Allah tum logo ghark o taba karde ameen

  3. The persons who did Asifa in this manner, must dieeeeeeeeee. They have not rights to live in this world.

  4. Rape ko badava dene me bollywood ka bhi imp role h .
    Ye log movies me gande scenes dalte h jiski vajah se logo me or need badhti h sex ki.puri galti govt. Ki nai h kuch in log ki bhi h

  5. These 3 rd grade people no respect in god and humanity.. they should be hanged on the road in front of all people ..

  6. I dont care about india sending rockets,trying to be clean nation,currency changes and whatever else.These things can WAIT . The first thing to be done by our PM is to put an end to our rape culture,to protect our women and innocent kids.That should be the TOP PRIORITY.He should call for an emergency meeting, like how we have meetings when we have terrorist attack because this is bloody BRUTAL even worse than terrorist attack.I dont care how remote or rural some areas in our country or if they are ruled by some goons.Each and every part of our country should be inspected thoroughly,suspects or goons must be behind bars.our country should be thoroughly cleaned in this way first.PROTECT KIDS AND WOMAN

  7. Sarkaar se ek he binti he aise log Jo rape karte he unko turant janta ke hawale kar diya jaye janta apna faisla khud kar sakti he kisi modi godi ki avaskta nahi he… 8 SAAL UMAR THI BACHI KI ROOH KAAP GYI HOGI… PAR SAALO KO KYA PATA HE AWAAJ THODI BHI UTHAI TO JAATI BIBAAD HO JAYGA VOTE CHALE JAYENGE SARKAAR NA ISSE TO ACHA EK AUR RAPE HO JAYE YAHI SOCHTI HE SARKAAR….

  8. Insaan insaan nahi raha. Bhagwaan aake kahe ki dharti ka aanth kal hoga! toe may aaj issi second bhramaan ko aag laga duga. This world time is up. No one can live with peace anymore. bhagwaan soraha hai aur media aur pollitician aur chutya public hindu – muslim ka quiz game khel rahi hai. I don't care if rapist is Hindu or Muslim. This is shamefull. Naa toe Bhagwaan nay kaha aur naa allah nay kaha k rape karo geeta ya quraan may. Jub se bjp power may aaya hai hindu-muslim jhamela fir se shuruu hogaya hai. Every [email protected] day india is facing daange maarkaat. Congress k time pe terrorist attack hota tha. Yes. log bhi marte thay outsiders k haato but bjp nay toe desh k mitti ko he zehreela kar deya. Ab yaha dharam k naam pe rooz rooz khoon ki holi kheli jaa rahi hai. I don't trust media – government- people anymore. I don't trust u. Everything is aids now. Media aids – government aids – people aids. Aashvashan aur jhoote wadoo aur daavoo ki goli khilaa khilaa k aids to rok toe logay pur jad se khatam nahi kar paogay. Jo bo rahe ho wahi milega wapas. Ye Aids badega – faileega aur sare samaaj ko beemar kar dega, khatam kar dega, maar dega. just wait and watch. don't give people Goli of dharam anymore. Read news paper modi raaj may aur yogi raaj may kya kya chal raha hai. Yaha kuch hindu side se jai shree ram naam use karke aur kuch muslim side se allahhu akbar bol k dirty politics khel rahe hai. Every [email protected] day, every [email protected] day some stupid Religious violence is been Provoking. Haar din koi hindu leader muslim ko maaro bol raha hai toe kahi koi muslim leader hindu ko maro bol raha hai. Maaa-k-lavdoo mar toe insaan raha hai on first place aur har insaan ko ek he GOD ney banaya hai. Chahe wo kisi bhi religion may paida hojayee.

  9. क्या न्याय न्याय चिल्लाना??? कोई न्याय नहीं दे सकता…होगा भी क्या किसी और के दिए हुए न्याय से…अपना न्याय खुद करो…जो तुम्हे नुक्सान पहुंचाये उसे तुम नुक्सान पहुँचाओ….चाहे कोई नेता हो, अफसर हो, पुलिस हो…. कोई भी हो…जो तुम्हे मारे तुम उसे मारो…किसी संविधान या कानून में विश्वास करने की कोई जरूरत नहीं…अपना जीवन अपना न्याय…पराधीन ना रहो किसी भी चीज़ के लिए

  10. इस तरह का काम कोई नशाखोर मादर चोद ही कर सकता है ,,,उच्च कोटि वाले नशे बंद करो इस तरह की क्राइम बंद हो जाएंगी!

  11. what is happening in our society.she was only 8year old girl. why the people are like this without any humanity in kathva .allahu akbar .what is her fault to born in that place as Muslim .I'm very depressed regarding the incident. she was gang raped for three days. before her death also she was raped inside the temple. what was her fault.and this kathva people are supporting to the people who raped that little girl. cant u dont have any common sence people don't see this problem as an religious issue see it as a humanity issue. these guys who have raped that girl should be given the death penalty. May God please save other girls from this evils .who were filling thirst by a girl's life.I'm shamed to be an indian

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