Kanye West’s Rant In TMZ Office (Extended Cut) | TMZ

This is an extended cut of Kanye’s Rant on TMZ Live including his heated back-and-forth with Van Lathan.


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  1. Kanye West, you are truly a genius. Like for real though. You just said there that being a slave for 400 hundred years was a choice, and I agree with you, for those who don't know I'm black too and this guy right here just send a message to all of us to wake up, people, slavery isn't over because we still are slaves. From 1600 to 1800 (time of slavery in America), what about the 200 years missing? Yes y'all, that's right, from 1800 until now we still slavertized. WAKE UP.

  2. lets try…if you talk to trump, tell to starts to respect all lives. All! animal lifes, rinos, jiraffs, elephants. no trophys. twll him to respect the environment. tell him to support the nature!

  3. hey TMZ you should ask Kanye how he thinks slavery was a choice when he himself put black men in chains around their legs to do hard labor in his Jesus walks music video. Where did he get that idea from…they sky??

  4. I understand what Kanye was saying about people coming together and I also understand with the gentle was saying about the real struggles of black people in this country. But I must say this, people need to stop LYING and saying that black people don’t care when other black people kill each other! That is a LIE and a poor rebuttal anytime a person brings up injustices committed against black people and it needs to STOP!!!!

  5. "Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind" – Noam Chomsky.

    Wake up sleepy Amerikkka, your democracy has been taken by the Corporate elite. Both political parties are owned by the same people. They all remain in power no matter who is the president. Elections are carnivals and presidents are puppets. As long as we remain dumb, angry and divided, they will continue to prosper. And most people are too caught up in their consumerist and hedonistic lives to actually do anything about it or even care. Kanye West and others like Jim Carrey are aware (woke) because they know exactly what's going on and they're trying to spread this message to masses. Fuck Zionists!

  6. On h60d we do run from L.A.
    to japan" and of death dealer my bad (daz dillinger) was really awoke mentally he would have knew that what Kanye was saying was true

  7. Kanye was just saying black on black crime isn't acknowledged compared to the outlash of when a white person kills an unarmed black man. That's all. He wasn't saying absolutely no one cares about black on black crime.

  8. I would like to ask Kanye if he was alive back in those days, what would be his plan to overcome slavery???
    Cause honestly this is some of the most racist and dumest shit he's ever said.

  9. Kanye west is just doing the classic example of an ISFP and their zero social filter. Or rather inability to gauge social perception. If anyone knows any isfp's personally they will understand what Kanye is doing and does chronically. The really problem tho is that Kanye doesn't have the power to change anything in Satans world because he is in bed with satan. What share does light have with darkness? "Get out of her my people, says Jehovah" anyone who wants to be friends with the world yet is trying to serve Jehovah will have no success, Kanye needs to completely cut off his old personality and put on the new personality created in the likeness of the one who created all things. He can't be sitting on the Titanic thats about to sink, thinking he can make it float again. He's gotta get out.

  10. I think kanye's heart is in the right place but his mind is still all the way fucked up with his facts

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