Justin Bieber SPEAKS OUT Against Logan Paul? Selena Gomez FLIRTS w/ Jen Aniston’s Ex? (Rumor Patrol)

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Did Justin Bieber just speak out against Jake & Logan Paul? Is Selena Gomez getting cozy with Jennifer Aniston’s ex hubby? Plus what’s the deal with Cardi B’s illegal and dangerous butt surgery? Is that even true? We’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol!

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  1. i think this guy injected steroids or some other shit to his biceps, look att his forearms no muscles real nasty shit.

  2. Here we go again with "news" sites saying they don't want to fuel the rumour by talking about it for 15 minutes. How smart! And how is Jake Paul in the thumbnail but Logan Paul is in the question and title?

  3. fuck justin biber everyone in us knows who Paul brothers are and in the meantime if justin doesn't know who Paul brothers are then why tf dose he following Paul brothers on twitter

  4. Finally two reports that are sensible. Justin never said a word, why would he care. And Selena is nice she doesn’t seem like she would be so disrespectful to date Jennifer’s ex, please

  5. Poor Justin. Justin is me, at work, everyday. He’s so human. Leave him alone.

    Selena would f*ck with her friend’s ex. Let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen. But ew.

  6. Lets get one thing straight that skankass beiber chose to upload videos, and the reason he chose to do it was to get pussy and to bang models. He brought all this shit on himself, if he didn't want any of this then he shouldn't have uploaded videos. He just got the shit side of it, like every other celebrity except the fact that he thinks he's entitled not to be bothered.

  7. That old lady is so hating on Logan who the hell is she and what's wrong with the "tent on top of a bus" ???????
    Your wrinkly ass should stop hating on people

  8. I’m pretty sure that look from Justin Bieber wasn’t speaking out. It was just him getting frustrated that the paparazzi was following him and bugging him with questions.

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