Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez SPLIT! – Kylie Jenner REVEALS New Ring Meaning (DHR)

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Justin & Selena decide to take a break, and Kylie explains meaning of her new bling on THAT finger. All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. Justin and Selena should just fucking stop cause they keep getting back together then breaking up like I bet $100 they’ll be together in a few weeks


  3. I honestly feel bad for them because it seems like they try and it just doesn’t work. I’m also sad (yes I know it was a while ago but still) that Selena and Able broke up.

  4. Selena n Justin obviously doesn't know how to manage a relationship. If you really love someone and you and your partner wants to make it work then actually talk and compromise to find a middle ground, time apart for a short time will allow you to reflect and focus on what's important but doing it constantly over unresolved issues will cause a rift. They need to work on communication, compromising and solving issues. (Speaking from a 7 year relationship)

  5. At this point the Jelina thing is just a publicity stunt…she has so much to offer it's sad that she still plays this games with little boys who will not grow up until the're 30.

  6. jelena haters: look they are again spliting. its probably because they are not meant to be together.
    me (& of course jelena fans) : THEY ARE ON A BREAK!!!*
    *ross dialogue.

  7. Ohhh, come on! We are talking about Exo and Nct not about Bts!!!!!!! Kpop it doesn’t mean BTS onlyyy!!!

  8. Everyone already saw that break up coming! Even the Jelena fans predicted when they will break up and they got real close.

  9. Selena is done with Justin now she has found her one true love now and will be getting married soon now to a decent guy that is real and normal

  10. So Demi related more to a homeless alcoholic. I somehow doubt that same alcoholic related to her and her millions of dollars worth of diamonds in quite the same way.

  11. K pop is bomb asfuck. Not only that but they have creativity when it comes to dance in music videos unlike here were it's constantly the same thing; twerking

  12. i know that we’re not supposed to like become so enveloped when it comes to celebrities dating but i know if selena was my best friend i would advise her to take a break from dating. she’s had an eventful year and she’s jumped from person to person and i really wish for her mind to be in a healthier state. take a breath, she’s been scared about death peering through her window, she needs to live her life and spend it with those who are in her corner.

  13. tf are they breaking up from, they were together for like 2 minutes. these two will break up if one of them breathes the wrong way.

  14. History means nothing if the relationship is not healthy move on history lol get the f out of here is better to meet new people don't be stuck in the same toxic relationship never go back to an old flame when you know how it ends seek new is the best only someone who doesn't know their worth stays next to the same idiot person

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