Justin Bieber Saves Woman At Coachella – The Weeknd Spotted KISSING Bella Hadid (DHR)

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Justin steps in and protects a woman at Coachella, and The Weeknd & Bella reignite their relationship in the desert? All this & more on today’s DHR.

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  1. the makeup … couldn't see the eyes , like she was mesmerised or squinting …lol nice reporting though

  2. It bugs me that the response to the Bieber story was "that's sexy" instead of any response to violence against women? Good for him for protecting her and shame on this video for taking such a serious event so lightly. Some women get attacked and don't have anyone there to protect them.

  3. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Clevver for changing the title of the video like we asked! It's much more clear and honest this way.

  4. I love how they’re like let us know about bchella and oh ye Justin Bieber and then everyone just talks about the old title and Justin #heroic

  5. The title reads:"…Justin Bieber Saves Woman At Coachella…"- NOT attacks. What is everyone seeing that I'm not? hE DID A GREAT JOB.

  6. I love you so much I love you guys and Beyonce she slayed I wouldn't even ready for that one but girlfriend did that that made up for not showing up last year. I promise I'm going to learn that routine and I'm a dance my butt off

  7. Justin saving her isn't "hot" my God stop romanticizing everything. He was doing what was necessary to help someone. It's honorable.

  8. You guys are awesome together, I love everyone at Clevver News, but this video was so entertaining because of the both of you (Emile & Drew) working together. Lovely

  9. I don’t think she was really chocking I bet it was. A set up to make him look like he is a hero. He just waned something to make him self look good. He just doing it so people will like him again but I can see it’s all an act he just did it so he could look like he did something good for once.

  10. Why is Emile talking so fast today omg! When he talked about justin bieber I had to slow it down so that I could actually listen to it XD

  11. But Bella commented herself that wasn't her kissing the weekend and Justin "attacks" a man? Can you guys just stop with the fake news bc at this point you're just like the Kardashians! You know what, I just want everyone who sees this video to just dislike it and just put "I hope" comments down here just like tristans comments

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