Justin Bieber & More Celebs Show Support for Bullying Victim Keaton Jones -JS

Keaton Jones is a young boy who has been the victim of relentless bullying by his schoolmates. After posting a video offering strength to those suffering the same treatment, a slew of celebrities came out in support of Keaton with overwhelming responses.

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  1. Bro thats just mean i know how it feels cause im not popular and everyone messes with me and the only person that stand up for me is my cousin she is popular so . do i stand with keaton #Standwithkeaton

  2. I want to fucking see the damn proof on this poor child saying that! He’s fucking 11 years old so show me the proof and I will sit back down and shut my mouth til then quit being a fucking sheep and make a stand against fucking bullying!

  3. I fucking hate him and his entire family he's getting so much attention when he's the bully. his entire family is racist and they're just using this to get money. he was bullied because he was going around shouting racial slurs so the kids stood up to him, not the other way around. it's so unfair and messed up that this white supremacist is getting all this attention when other kids are getting bullied for absolutely no reason than their skin color, the way they look, etc., but people ignore them or turn against them. sure, his message is good, but he should not be getting all this money and fame.

  4. Not only did this kid call black students at his school N*gger, but his mother started a GoFundMe page. Last I checked it was at $58,000, and got suspended. What the fuck is $58,000 going to do for this kid? This whole video was a fucking scam from the beginning. He and his family are a bunch of Neo-Nazi KKK White Supremicists. Fuck this asshole and his racist family.

  5. This video posted by his mom on fb says something else. Look I am 50/50 listening to Keaton's message. He isn't the only kid let alone person to have been bullied extensively. I do feel sorry for him and understand why he is so upset but posting a video about a little boy pouring his heart out about this huge topic just seems wrong. There are many ways his mother could have handled this better, for example going to his school and taking action. This just seems like it is a platform for fame as opposed to handling serious private situations the proper way. If he has bullied others to then this video should be removed and he shouldn't play the victim, being bullied sucks I would know I have been bullied since a baby and now I am a fully grown adult and still suffer every day. We can't change people no matter how much we want to, people are just the way they are either good or bad, either nice or mean, either innocent or a bully, either a sinner or saint that is how this crazy ass world works unfortunately.

  6. Why are you reporting this shit! Why leave out what the mom is saying? Fucking rasicts is what they fucking are. I'm so done watching your news shit smh

  7. Wow! What a way to get instant attention even by celebrities. Just record some 11 year-old brat crying and talking something serious and you get instantly famous. Maybe I should do one of these too. It grabs attention all over the world instantly.

  8. This is stupid he deserved it even if he didn’t his mom is a racist bitch he got $50k for crying everyone gets bullied they don’t get all this special attention… god damn overreacting his mom just used him 50k for nothing

  9. This kid and his family belong to a racist clan. He got is ass beat by the black kids because he called them niggers. Don' believe this kid is innocent folks. His mom is now trying to scam money by creating a Go Fund Me page.

  10. Children like this need ways to solve their bullying problems. Having the attention of celebrities and receiving their gifts is not going to stop the bullying. In fact, it can make it worse because he's kind of famous now for it.

  11. Stay strong Keaton! Nobody should be bullied ! Bullying sucks ! And always remember that if someone is trying to bring you down is because you are already above them ! If you are being bullied please speak up and I promise everything will be okay, I know it’s hard but things always get better , you may think that I won’t change anything but it will ! Stay strong ❤️

  12. I'm sorry but I'm getting tired if seeing this little boy EVERYWHERE
    Like you know there actually people getting kill,abuse act and you guys are makeing a big deal about this… okay.[no hate at all]

  13. I always support all the bullied for the others kids in the world and the people don't need to be bullying they self from this.

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